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Happy Chinese New Year!

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Here we don’t have a special public holiday for Chinese New Year, but it’s acceptable asking for several days leave from the University.


On the early morning of New Year’s Eve, I woke up finding that my WeChat message board and moment were overwhelmed with kinds of new year wishes: good fortune, happiness, wealth, health, and longevity, etc.. The New Year is on the way! When I was busy in replying messages from relatives and friends, my husband couldn’t stop laughing, because he found a funny article. The Americans and English people are wondering that is it a year of sheep, or goat, or ram? Even more embarrassing, they find that there is the fourth kind, the popular cartoon character, Xi-sheep (喜羊羊)!


Our western friends always tell us that Chinese language system is so complicated, and the most challenging part for them is each character has so many diffrent meanings. I explain to them maybe it is because we want to make an expression concise, while they emphasize on accuracy. Probably that’s why Shakespeare used more that ten thousands of words in his works.


Now the Chinese New Year is getting known to people all over the world. In the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, we received the new year greeting from our Swiss boss, saying that “wishing our chinese labmembers a happy new year and all the best for the year 4713 which is the year of sheep and starts tomorrow”. 4713 years?! Such a long history and treasure we Chinese should cherish. Thanks so much to the internet. You can learn whatever from it, whenever and wherever, if you wish.


Our routine programme on this special day is: 1. to do a thorough clean of  the house (to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for good incoming luck, as told by the elderly); 2. To watch the Spring Festival Gala (it’s right from noon to late afternoon in the local time);3. to prepare an annual reunion dinner, although there are only three people in this small family. Nicole helped a lot with shopping and house cleaning, and she enjoyed watching the anual Gala this year. She is now growing up to a little girl.

As to us adults, we are more busy during the Gala show: chatting with friends on WeChat app for a while, watching the programme for a while, and shaking our mobiles from time to time to win all kinds of red packets (Hongbao)! I’m wondering who the genius is to invent the idea of virtual Hongbao! Such a huge business! The next day it was reported that WeChat users shook their phones a collective 11 billion times during the five-hour show (Chinese New Year gala), and from 185 countries all over the world. Tencent said RMB 1 billion was exchanged via virtual hongbao on Chinese New Year’s eve, though it didn’t give overall figures for the holiday period. Big data show us how strong China is today.


It seems to me all the world is celebrating a Chinese New Year with us. We went to Paris on the second day of the new year with our Chinese friends to have a short trip there. In Paris, local people, Chinese and French, celebrated the lunar New Year with a parade, paper lanterns, dragon and lion dancing down the street. That's a really colourful event. At the same time, in North America, some of my friends had their new year celebration in Disneyland in Califorlia, because it offered a special programme for guests to enjoy a “time-honored traditions, festivities and ceremonies of this multi-cultural holiday.”


Golden time flies. We are now all back to work though the festival traditionally starts on the first day of the month and continues until the fifteenth. As our boss mentioned, “To me this seems like a very long celebration and I hope that it could  be cut slightly short  this time…”. You see, he is a humorous and generous boss indeed.


Again, happy Chinese New Year to all!



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Reply Report Funny-boy 2015-3-15 12:56
Very nice articles. Thanks for your sharing.
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Funny-boy: Very nice articles. Thanks for your sharing.
Feeling happy that you like it.

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