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Civilized travel: the Panda's foreign journey

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The CCTV4 channel is essential to the life of overseas Chinese. As to me, the news programmes, the cultural series 'Homeland, Dreamland', and the public advertisements are my favourite ones. The very recent noncommercial MV broadcasted on CCTV4 impressed me a lot, and I believe it will help change the unpleasant habits in people’s life.


The MV creates an anthropomorphic image of panda, telling us the story during its foreign journey. It shows us all sorts of its uncivilized manners and behaviors when it’s travelling abroad, of course, eyebrows being raised by locals and other tourists.


In the eyes of the world, the panda is one of the representatives of China. By drawing on these images, CCTV would like to remind us, "Do not forget, the whole world is watching us," so as to awaken people's consciousness for civilized travel.


I have been considered to be an atypical Chinese. When I was in southeast Asia, many people asked whether I was from Taiwan. When I travelled in Japan, locals asked whether I was from South Korea. When I am here, many people ask if I am a Japanese or not. Every time I reply that I am Chinese. The time when one of my neighbors asked me again if I was from HK or mainland China, I confirmed her with the answer of mainland China and had a chat with her. I’m quite confused why people are keeping asking this kind of question. And I can feel that most of them are surprised at my answer. Then she told me that because I was unlike a typical Chinese. Why? "Because you are softly speaking, always smiling, and you look polite, friendly, and well-educated." And she added, " Very different from those travellers in the landmarks, who are talking and laughing loudly in crowd and making things into a mess." Then what I could do was to explain to her maybe they were overexcited by the new things, while emphasizing that actually most Chinese people are well behaved, like me. Well, although I explained like this, I was greatly depressed by her words. The sadness is I couldn’t deny the fact that indeed many of our fellows are not behaving properly, not respecting the local customs when they are abroad.


I think everyone's manners are representative of China's image when in front of the world. We are all responsible to establish a good image of China. 


panda's journey in Australia, from website

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