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Stop waiting... 2013-10-08
Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen.别指望事情会自然发生,行动起来,让他们变成可能。 Wedding h-owl-er! It would have be ...
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If two people... 2013-10-06
If two people believe in something,really believe,anything,even impossibles,is possible.任何事情,如果两个人都相信,真的相信,即使不可能,也会变得可 ...
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Take pen Forget character 2013-09-30
Take pen ,Forget character,or character amnesia. 提笔忘字。 County, When the good news reached there,the whole county rejoied. 喜讯传到那里时全县 ...
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Epilepsy. 2013-09-28
Epilepsy, People with epilepsy and similar disesses can take pills to to stabilize their condition.癫痫病。癫痫病和类似疾病患者可吃药丸缓解病情。 ...
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Die hard. 2013-09-26
Die hard, 顽固到底。I can't believe your never. 你好大的胆子!You're a jerk! 你是个混球。 The important thing in life is not how long you will liv ...
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5 yuan brass coins. 2013-09-25
The PBOC issued 50 millioms 5 yuan brass coins nationwide yesterday,that has the Chinese character ;'Hurmory’ on the back . The coin cost 5 yuan ...
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