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Share Half a Day in a Library
2019-4-7 14:58
During the current Qingming holiday period, my nephew told me that he wanted to read some interesting books at a library, so I took him to a public library that is the largest in our region in terms of books collected. The library was as usual filled with readers and self-study people. My nephew was excited by the new sight and wanted to find the books. I told him to make use of the signs provided to get to the rooms where he could get his books. Then things began to change. He ch ...
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Share I am confused and unable to solve the problem
2019-4-3 16:09
I am confused and unable to solve the problem
My nephew is a primary schoolboy who is left alienated in the school by his teachers and fellow learners. Perhaps it is due partly to his delayed development of the brain. The behavior of his classmates might have been understandable because they do not find any interests in having such a friend in their daily horseplay. But the practice of the teachers is unpardonable because they are want of the ethics they should have when receiving each month the pay from government or taxpayer ...
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Share My Nephew Taken to English Corner
2019-3-11 16:08
My Nephew Taken to English Corner
Last time I told you the story of my nephew who went for fun on his own and we were all worried about him. He did return home at long last, saying he got lost after school when trying to find his way home seeing that his mother did not arrive at the gate of the school as usual. But I know he was lying. He could return his home without any outside aid at late night or early hour in the morning to be exact, it means he really knows the right way home. He might have had some problem ...
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Share Worry About My Nephew
2019-3-3 18:02
I received a phone call yester night, knowing that once again my school boy nephew missed because he did not go home as expected and that his mother did not know what to do and only sat waiting at home. My nephew is a boy who lives a not so happy life, his father died when he was so young that he did not even know how to express his own emotion. And his brain seems to develop later than his peers, too. He is always placed at the back row of the seats in the classroom and no classmates ar ...
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Share Noisy Girlfrind Embarrassing Myself
2019-2-24 11:52
When we learnt English the first time in China, we encountered an interesting text in New Concept English, a popular textbook for English learners around the world, and many people may still remember the first lesson of Book 2, where a couple talking too loud in a cinema was warned by their fellow viewer. Yesterday I went to see a film The Wandering Earth with my girl. Originally it had been a date with her girlfriend, but she made a mistake of the time of appointment, then she phoned me ...
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Share Trying to have a shapely body
2019-2-19 22:19
The long Spring Festival comes to the end eventually. After taking so many calories, I am now much concerned about maintaining a good body shape. Losing weight is another matter, in my case, as the cases of many others, it seems unnecessary, shape is more important than weight. I bought a wheel that is intended for exercising the belly. The body movement is like that, you prostrate with your hands holding the handles of the wheel and your legs straightened, then you begin ...
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Share People Mountain People Sea
2019-2-6 16:19
The first day of Chinese Lunar New Year saw a lot of people going out for a trip to seek good fortune. Many scenic spots were full of people. Even some points where there had been few visitors earlier became hot places of interest attracting many tourists. I traveled with my family to a surburban park, a new one covering a very big area. The admission was 60 Yuan for adults each, 30 yuan for students under 16 years old and free for older people over 70 years or model workers at or above munic ...
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Share How many homes do Chinese own?
2019-2-3 22:47
Yesterday on a public bus I heard a schoolboy calling via WeChat his classmate for an outing. "Hey, so-and-so, do you like to visit (a name of place)?" "Yes, I like that." "Where are you now? You can take (a bus route) to be there." "I am at home now." "Which home?" The last sentence made my mouth open. The voice of the other side gave a name, which is a high-class residential community in our city. Then I realized that now people in our city seem to have more than one re ...
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Share Auto thing
2019-2-1 16:40
A report released yesterday by a semi-gov Chinese auto watcher said that the sales volume of autos dropped for the first time in 28 years since China began its sale of private autos. The report also introduced some views of experts that stimulation and incentives will be given in 2019 to boost the auto market. Hearing this from the radio show, I looked out the window of my house and saw in the street down below there was a line of traffic consisting of mainly of various autos that remained st ...
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Share After Iran lost to Japan at AFC Asian Cup
2019-1-29 11:12
Four web users of sports at expressed their opinions after Iran, the famed Persian warriors, lost 0:3 to Japan, the Blue Fighters at the 2019 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup on January 28, 2019. Silver: The people of Japan has owned the three strong points: 1. They dare face their own weaknesses and do what they can to change them; 2. They would learn from those who they think stronger than themselves, without any care about losing face; 3. They are good ...
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  • Half a Day in a Library 2019-4-13 11:20

    Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

  • I am confused and unable to solve the problem 2019-4-4 17:03

    voice_cd: Well, he doesn't look like he has any development problem. Give him some time and I believe he will catch up. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Seldom do I visit this section of the forum, where there are so many interesting stories that can be shared with many other China Daily website visitors. However, the front page of the section seems to have been frozen, with some of the authors fixed there, leaving the impression that there is no change at all inside. So it is necessary for the admin to do something.

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