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Half a Day in a Library

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During the current Qingming holiday period, my nephew told me that he wanted to read some interesting books at a library, so I took him to a public library that is the largest in our region in terms of books collected.

The library was as usual filled with readers and self-study people. My nephew was excited by the new sight and wanted to find the books. I told him to make use of the signs provided to get to the rooms where he could get his books.

Then things began to change. He checked the signs indicating the location, and became more excited when seeing a sign of the lift. Then he asked to go to the top floor which is the highest that the lift can reach. But I asked him why he wanted to go somewhere he did not even know what it was intended. He simply showed excitement.

It suddenly occured to me that he liked to take the ride of lift. Yes, it was true. His earlier missing incidents were all related to lift rides, either in a supermarket or in an office building, where there was a lift without exception.

Before I could warn him, he had gone into the carriage of the lift and I had to follow him. The small and narrow space was filled with passengers and he shouted his loud voice reading out the number of the floor it reached and surprised other riders, thinking he was a rural boy who never used a lift before. 

I felt ashamed and my plan that was intended for him enjoying reading was totally ruined.

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Reply Report Chengking 2019-4-13 11:20
Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

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  • Half a Day in a Library 2019-4-13 11:20

    Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

  • I am confused and unable to solve the problem 2019-4-4 17:03

    voice_cd: Well, he doesn't look like he has any development problem. Give him some time and I believe he will catch up. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Seldom do I visit this section of the forum, where there are so many interesting stories that can be shared with many other China Daily website visitors. However, the front page of the section seems to have been frozen, with some of the authors fixed there, leaving the impression that there is no change at all inside. So it is necessary for the admin to do something.

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