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Worry About My Nephew

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I received a phone call yester night, knowing that once again my school boy nephew missed because he did not go home as expected and that his mother did not know what to do and only sat waiting at home.

My nephew is a boy who lives a not so happy life, his father died when he was so young that he did not even know how to express his own emotion. And his brain seems to develop later than his peers, too. He is always placed at the back row of the seats in the classroom and no classmates are arranged to sit with him by the head teacher of his class, and his mother did not even find time to attend the school parent meetings held ever because she had to work hard to live hand to mouth at a low pay and her employer did not even consider to raise her salary for a long time and she did not ever dare to say no.

It was the third or fourth time that my nephew lost his trace, his mother seemed to come to terms with that, but I could not sleep when knowing this. I asked her to make a report to police, but she said it was not good since it was up to the 24 hours limit required by law to make a report for missing case. I could not say anything to reply because I am a man of reason myself.

Rolling in my bed for quite a long while, I dialed 110 reporting the case, the lady police officer was nice and asked for details, later a man cop called me back asking me to visit the station for checking the video survaillance monitor for clues.

But he also told me that what he could offer was no more than the areas under the control of the station only, and that the kid might have gone far beyond the limit. 

I remembered that once he even traveled by metro to a long distance place and was returned by a kind-hearted citizen by taxi. He might have taken the ride of metro again to chase his unfulfilled dream. Then I decided to check his whereabout on the route of the metro, which is a new thing in the city. The night was very late, but there were many people doing a lot of things out there, to my amazement. Two girls even took photos in rotation before a commercial complex at 2 am, I couldn't believe my eyes and nearly fell off my e-bike!

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  • Half a Day in a Library 2019-4-13 11:20

    Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

  • I am confused and unable to solve the problem 2019-4-4 17:03

    voice_cd: Well, he doesn't look like he has any development problem. Give him some time and I believe he will catch up. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Seldom do I visit this section of the forum, where there are so many interesting stories that can be shared with many other China Daily website visitors. However, the front page of the section seems to have been frozen, with some of the authors fixed there, leaving the impression that there is no change at all inside. So it is necessary for the admin to do something.

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