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The first day of Chinese Lunar New Year saw a lot of people going out for a trip to seek good fortune. Many scenic spots were full of people. Even some points where there had been few visitors earlier became hot places of interest attracting many tourists.
I traveled with my family to a surburban park, a new one covering a very big area. The admission was 60 Yuan for adults each, 30 yuan for students under 16 years old and free for older people over 70 years or model workers at or above municipal level.
I made a quick calculation and was discouraged to find that no preferential treatment was applied to our group, so it was a hard decision to make because some visitors had told us that the trip was not worth the value of the money you paid. But we  traveled quite a long distance to get here and there was no reason that we should stay out of the park.
But it was true we should.
The once desolate park was filled with so many people that the managers had turned their smiles into brow-raising. Nobody could find a place to take a photo and older people could not find a seat on the shuttle carts. And the hot sub-tropical sun came out to join the warm atmosphere, many people became uneasy and sweating greatly. Weaker and elder people began to sit on the grass under the tree shade to be undressed, especially those who traveled here from northern part of the country where the temperature is below zero.
Half an hour into the garden, we had to withdraw, overawed by the multitude ahead.

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  • Half a Day in a Library 2019-4-13 11:20

    Well, your nephew apparently had a good time.

  • I am confused and unable to solve the problem 2019-4-4 17:03

    voice_cd: Well, he doesn't look like he has any development problem. Give him some time and I believe he will catch up. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Seldom do I visit this section of the forum, where there are so many interesting stories that can be shared with many other China Daily website visitors. However, the front page of the section seems to have been frozen, with some of the authors fixed there, leaving the impression that there is no change at all inside. So it is necessary for the admin to do something.

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