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Report WBD60 2019-5-19 19:26
Hi my friend, i am wondering what is your reason to support the so called Chinese model? apparently you have never experienced the hardship of life of the average Chinese people. i am sure you might want to reexamine your pro china stance had you personally experienced the reality in china. for instance, imagining yourself being a hopeless home owner whose property was  demolished by local authorities. thanks!
Report WBD60 2019-5-19 18:23
at present china is in no position to challenge the leading role of the US in terms of technology and economy as well as military, yet china is not willing to succumb to the pressure of the US urging china to initiate reforms, so what would be the final result of this confrontation?
Report WBD60 2019-5-19 11:48
how much did they pay you to write like this?
Report WBD60 2019-5-19 01:29
the western elites and intellectuals and lefts are too ignorant to understand what kind of country china really is. china is a rogue nation with 1.4 billion brainwashed people , western style democracy can hardly work here because they do not really know what it is really about. Chinese are materialistic people who worship no God except their masters. a people who see God in their master scarcely seek heaven except through the favors of the Emperor. today's china reminds me of the  Russian empire  in the early 20th century, corrupt, stubborn, oppressive,  gigantic, and yet patient.
Report WBD60 2019-5-19 01:19
the decline is not caused by Trump, it has already happened long before he came to the office, the globalization is a fraud to begin with. a globalized economy yet without a globalized governance, in other words, half of the world practices free market and the other half practices slavery or state run economy, how could there be a balanced trade in the end?
a bean head like you could not see the whole picture probably because you are brain washed to think in certain ways. tariffs may be a shakeup to the world supply chain and stock market, no big deal . the world needs a shakeup
Report markwu 2018-9-16 20:41
Thanks for letting me know.  I will stay off the forum as well.

you can email me instead:
Report wchao37 2018-9-16 06:07
Hey mark:

I'll not be posting a lot for a while, although occasionally I might drop in when the work I am doing needs less concentration on my part.  I am engaged in something else right now -- so that you know.  

Your friend,

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