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Share White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly admitted “They have a system of gove
2017-11-3 09:53
Regarding White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly admitted “They have a system of government that has apparently worked for the Chinese people.” Before US predient Trump visit China,white house chief of staff Gen. John.Kelly admitted the system of China govement worked for the Chinese. This is the posittively affirm China system by US govement current official.
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Share Why do not I believe that Western democracy system is good for all countries?
2017-11-1 08:20
Being the last century 80's college students, we fell under the influence of western thought. When we studied in the college, we read the book of Jean-Paul Sartre, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, and watched the River Elegy. In our mind, the West is heaven, the Western democratic system is the best political system of mankind. Now, I am 52 year-old, also live and work abroad for more than 20 years, I have been to many countries, also read more books. Why ...
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Share Why do we build our culture self-confidence?
2017-10-23 12:05
Since 1840s, the Opium War has made Chinese poor and weak. This resulted in Chinese suffering from insults. A lot of Chinese elite I the society were confident that for the decline in China were attributed to the Chinese traditional culture. Many Chinese people lose the cultural self-confidence. Since the Reform and Open, Chinese started to regain their confidence slowly, especially in their traditional culture. Nonetheless, Chinese are still open to accept valuable insights from wes ...
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Share no one is better
2017-10-20 09:47
To compare politic system, I think no one is better. Criteria for thes judging of politic system should be whether it improves the life of the vast majority people in this country, and whether it’s adapted to the history and culture of this country. There is no political system in this world that fits all country and nations.
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Share Chinese characteristics of the democratic system
2017-10-17 08:53
The mass democracy is led by populist politics, as the politicians want to win votes, they must take into account short-term interests. This is what is happening in many countries today. Chinese characteristics of the democratic system, both to make public attention, and will not be kidnapped by public opinion. It can take care of the long-term interests of the country, and also take into account the short-term interests of the people. Of course, good governance is not easy to do ...
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        • White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly admitted “They have a system of gove 2017-11-3 20:09

          Broadly speaking, it works like a charm. lol.

        • Why do not I believe that Western democracy system is good for all countries? 2017-11-1 11:11

          The rapprochement between China and the west in the early and mid-80s in part resulted from the west's efforts to team up with China in confrontation against the former Soviet Union.
          And when the west found themselves failing to bring Russia into the fold after the Soviet Union fell apart, they envisioned a regime change in China by granting China wider access to the global trade and business system that were dominated by the west, in hopes western values and ideology would erode people's faith in China's ideological belief and culture, which now could only be seen as a wild goose chase.
          All along, the westerners have viewed China with a leery eye, constantly picking fault with China's political system, grooming dissents, stirring discontents among certain groups of people in an attempt to pressure China into accepting the rules set by the west, thus maintaining their status as the governing group of the world, but to no avail.
          Moreover, the western journalism is never known for being objective and impartial in reporting, they can't even treat their domestic affairs evenhandedly, let alone handle stories about China in a fair and balanced way.
          Like you, I looked up to the west when I was young, but just got disillusioned with it after I have witnessed so much hypocrisy of the west over my more than 10 years of working with the westerners.

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