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Share future carrier
2017-10-22 21:28
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Share faking resumes
2017-10-16 15:42
a shil had brought to my attention that amerikans work their way to the top, and accept each other for their imperfections, but this couldnt be further from the truth. like everywhere else, amerikans are looking for short cuts, and wont hesitate to lie in order to get ahead. furthermore, it reminds us all of a serious problem existing in amerika. this problem is one where people pretend or exagerate their own abilities, skills, and achievements in order to promote themselves. Marilee Jones, for ...
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Share something closer to reality
2017-10-16 11:50
something closer to reality
from the day the internet opened, we cant go online one day without being bombarded by pro western psyops. it's hard to accept these messages as anything but a psyop as it completely portrays the west in unrealisticly positives way. lets disect these psyops to find out whether theres any truth to them. the ClA and their shils claim that amerikans love freedom. it's not just the ClA though. many amerikans really believe theyre free, but how true is this? virtues such as bravery, freedom, and ...
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Share College isn't for everyone
2017-10-9 16:43
College isn't for everyone
from the time we are born, we are told that college is the way to a good life. teachers tell us statistics about how college educated workers make more money compared to high school graduates. we are misled into thinking that if we dont know what to do with our lives, then we should go to college. some people in the bourgeois community even use what college they went to to measure their self worth. other bourgeois like to brag about the college their kids went to, but how relevant is this to ...
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Share why is islam popular?
2017-9-19 21:57
i hear alot of comments, mostly from shils. they claim that alot of people live in areas where islam is popular; muslims have more kids; or people are born into it, but none of these answers the question. first of all, there has to be something attractive about islam in order for people to adhere to it. many of todays so called muslims countries were not always muslim. alot of people associate iran with islam, but they only became muslim recently. turkey is another one. but neither of them ...
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Share Best Leaders
2017-9-8 21:39
Best Leaders
10. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa) The one thing you will find in common with this entire list is that they don't bow down to bullying from inperialists. The west was hoping to use Mbeki to destabilize Zimbabwe, but Mbeki resisted, thereby allowing independence, and dem0cracy to flourish. 9. Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe) Mugabe has allowed Zimbabwe to be one of the most independent and free countries on the African continent, while most others are in chaos while under ...
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Share Airbnb collecting your details
2017-8-25 01:46
Airbnb collecting your details
Airbnb took a very big bet against anonymity, and is one of the most, if not the most intrusive hotel booking websites. Going further than any significant consumer tech company has before, the peer-to-peer travel accommodation site, valued at $2.5 billion, wants to combine users’ online and offline identities with a process that includes checking official photo IDs. They collect your data, and share it with inteligence agencies, while claiming it would better foster a ser ...
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Share one way in which the west sensors you
2017-8-20 20:18
one way in which the west sensors you
they use a thing called cloud flare, it can sensor anyone based on ip addresses. cloud flare is a u.s company claiming to offer ddos protection. in reality, they can do other things, like prevent certain people from accessing websites simply based on the country the user is from. they can and do block any user from china (or any country they dont like) from viewing a website, or submitting comments.
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    • why is islam popular? 2018-2-3 20:03

      "A race of devils -- white devil's, blue eyed devils -- now rules the world. Their days are numbered though, for the time of Armageddon is nigh. Then will fire sear the earth, and blood drench the land. In the wilderness of North America the oppressor will meet his doom; the evil white enemy will fall ignominiously into destruction while in the East the black Muslim will rise triumphant to rule forever in freedom, justice and equality the planet Earth. A New World Order will be born." - Malcolm X

    • why is islam popular? 2018-2-3 19:24

      Google claims that there are 2.2 billion Christians on earth.

      There is not one.

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