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why is islam popular?

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i hear alot of comments, mostly from shils. they claim that alot of people live
in areas where islam is popular; muslims have more kids; or people are born
into it, but none of these answers the question. first of all, there has to be
something attractive about islam in order for people to adhere to it. many of
todays so called muslims countries were not always muslim. alot of people
associate iran with islam, but they only became muslim recently. turkey is
another one. but neither of them have historically been muslim.

you even have far away places like indonesia, and china who have
not historically been muslim. in fact, islam is one of china's biggest religions. however, if we compare islam to christianity, or judiasm, there are very few christians, or juz.
lord knows how badly christians try to push their religion onto people, yet still, they are unable to get very many new followers. in china, christianity has been very unsuccessful. many shils will try to blame that on the "comunist party", but christianity has been trying to push its way into china long before chairman mao was born. yet so many chinese flocked to islam on their own free will. there are muslim neighborhoods, towns, all over china. if im not mistaken, there are even muslim provinces. but you never hear of any christian neighborhoods, towns, or provinces. therefore, one can conclude that islam (what started out as a foreign religoin) is much more popular than christianity, despite christian efforts to push their religion onto others.
many shils will claim that muslims forced their
religion on people, but why are turks, and persians still muslim now that no
one is forcing them? if someone forced me to become christian, i would cease
becoming a christian once someone stops forcing me, or takes the threat away.
certainly i would not continue being a a christian on my own free will. its been
hundreds and thousands of years since the muslims colonized iran, and  turkey, yet
islam never left despite the colonists leaving. so there must be something attractive about it for them
to continue this tradition. you look at unpopular religions like christianity.
you see many many europeans who were forced into christianity by their parents,
and once their parents stop forcing them, or the kids grow up, they leave
christianity, and do not go to church voluntarily. but you do not see this with
islam. the kids who were forced to go to mosque as children will continue going
to mosque as adults, for the most part. when you look at other unpopular
religions such as judiasm, most juz end up becoming athiests, as they are
unable to retain their followers.
not only that, but you see alot of westerners converting to islam. the fastest growing religion is islam. you hardly hear about any muslims converting to christianity.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-2-3 19:24
Google claims that there are 2.2 billion Christians on earth.

There is not one.

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    • why is islam popular? 2018-2-3 20:03

      "A race of devils -- white devil's, blue eyed devils -- now rules the world. Their days are numbered though, for the time of Armageddon is nigh. Then will fire sear the earth, and blood drench the land. In the wilderness of North America the oppressor will meet his doom; the evil white enemy will fall ignominiously into destruction while in the East the black Muslim will rise triumphant to rule forever in freedom, justice and equality the planet Earth. A New World Order will be born." - Malcolm X

    • why is islam popular? 2018-2-3 19:24

      Google claims that there are 2.2 billion Christians on earth.

      There is not one.

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