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Share unlikely shil
sanam 2017-7-7 15:39
unlikely shil
Shilling aint easy. in an ideal world, inperialists would like to only use white bourgeois shils, because they are the most reliable and trust worthy, at least according to the western oligarky. using white bourgeois shils is fine to brain wash other bourgeoisie, but what do you do about the masses? the inperialist is always one step ahead. Who is the most likely to disent? people from the wrong side of the tracks, and those in 3 world countries who suffer as a result of western exploitation. so ...
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Share deceptive terminology
sanam 2017-7-4 16:38
We shall address the issue of the western media bias today, because the western media has a totalitarien diktatorship over worldwide media. yes, the chinese media is also biased, but they are irrelevant in the rest of the world. so today we will focus on the western media use of double standards. Have you ever noticed that the politicians in hong kong who are sympathetic towards the central goverment are known as pro-beijing? I am not arguing that these politicians arent pro beijing. ...
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