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Shilling aint easy. in an ideal world, inperialists would like to only use white bourgeois shils, because they are the most reliable and trust worthy, at least according to the western oligarky. using white bourgeois shils is fine to brain wash other bourgeoisie, but what do you do about the masses? the inperialist is always one step ahead. Who is the most likely to disent? people from the wrong side of the tracks, and those in 3 world countries who suffer as a result of western exploitation. so what do you do to keep these people in line? certainly you cant use white bourgeois shils who went to private school, and were members of frats, because those from the wrong side of the tracks, and in 3 world countries dont always resonate with white bourgeoisie because the insincere, and phony attitudes of the white bourgeosie can be a turn off. guys from the ghetto will automatically be suspicious of a white frat boy. so what do you do if youre an inperialist? obviously, you got to get a homeboy from off the street, someone who is less sophisticated, or at least someone who looks, and perhaps acts like a homeboy from off the street. this way, the guys from the wrong side of the tracks, and the 3 world will listen to the shil's story and not view it with much suspicion, maybe even believe the lies. even if the shil wasnt a homeboy, he'd have to at least look like someone from the 3 world if he were to influence a 3 world audience of potential dupes.

When we usually think of shilz, we think of white guys, or juwesh , but we probably wouldnt have a black guy in mind. inteligence agencies also have a preference for using white guys, or juwesh , while avoiding aboriginals, asians , blacks, and hispanics.

But did you know, there are black shils. in fact, theres been black shils. the art of shiling is to deceive, and what better way to deceive you than to use someone who you wouldnt think was a shil. one would normally assume that blacks wouldnt shil for the white man because of how whites have historically treated blacks, even though there have always been compradores throughout africa who served their colonial masters. blacks have also sided with the chinese from 50-78 when conflicts erupted between china, and the inperialists. but things have changed, and times have changed.

It should also be known that oligarks in the west have been scared to death of blacks ever since they were freed from slavery. therefore it is, and was imperative for the whites to obstruct any possibility of a union between asians, and blacks, and most specifically, black, and chinese, because a union between blacks, and chinese would certainly rattle the white diktatorship of the world today. this is why it is essential for the white oligarks to mislead blacks, whether theyre in africa, or america.

This is where the compradore comes in. they usually have a long track record of serving colonialism, and have become wealthy off it. one such case is a man who calls himself "ghana baby". he's from ghana. he's a compradore, and bourgeoisie. he's in china to give it a bad name. however, to make sure he deceives his audience, he tells his audience that he "loves china" after making videos portraying china as racist, and ignorant, while objectifying chinese women of course.

youtube channel =MrGhanaBabyhis videos are more subtly anti chinese than a white shil like laowhy, but nonetheless they serve the same purpose and probably the same pay master. what makes his prapaganda effective is, we normally dont associate ghana with disinformation, eventhough it makes sense due to its historic ties to britain, but it's not something that automatically comes up when we think of ghana. we're normally thinking of a poor country, not one that is trying to pull one over on us, but as i mentioned before, compradores of the lowest integrity exist in every country, even poor ones. therefore an ordinary netizen will keep his guard down when viewing this guys videos, and not view it with much suspicion. at the same time, blacks who are sympathetic towards china will think twice after viewing this man's videos. he is an important tool for driving a wedge between africans, and china.

Another black shil that comes to mind is a man who calls himself the loser laowai who now goes by the name of winner laowai.

he is a new york american black, and married to a chinese citizen, which goes to show the lengths that shils are willing to go to destabilize china. the majority of his video have an anti chinese theme, or features him complaining about china.

Going back even further, we had a black shil a few years back who has since gone back to america. he goes by the name of ra sims ii. this man may have the most street cred amongst the above shills, adding to his usefulness in coming off as an "ordinary person", deceiving the public. again, his agenda is to make china look bad, unsophisticated, and criticize china. he seemed to do things from a ghetto point of view to throw off his audience, and hide the fact that he is a shil and serves his white masters loyaly. his ghetto approach made ordinary people identify with his videos, and believe his distortion

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