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China-UN Partnership; a strict reaction against Trump

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Germany's ambassador to China Michael Clauss said: “due to the flip-flop policies of the past several months of President Trump and his unpredictable personality, the UN should seek for more reliable allies.”

Clauss also asserted that in addition to expand their bilateral relations, the UN members can meet their needs by having more close connections with China and India and also they can reduce their dependence to the U.S in defense and security fields.

Early this month, German news agencies reported that as relations with the U.S. appear to worsen because of Trump’s Financial protectionism and his decision to exit Paris climate deal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for closer cooperation with China.

Merkel and Li had a two-day talk ahead of next month's G20 summit in Hamburg. Merkel annoyed by Trump called China as a new ally of Germany.

It is good to note that recently, the new French president Emmanuel Macron is reported to have said, “Now China leads” after Trump’s decision to exit from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Having all these in mind, in my opinion China-UN tie is a tough reaction to Mr. president of the U.S. and we should wait to see how he will respond in near future.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang visit in Berlin

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  • Mohamed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision 2017-7-3 22:55

    Human rights, gender equality, due process of law, separation of religion and state, science over ignorance and religion, efficiency, consumer rights - I could go on and on about the qualities that the WEST has given to the less advanced world - and that EVERY human LONGS for!

  • Mohamed bin Salman and Saudi Arabia's 2030 vision 2017-7-3 22:11

    Ted180: Eventually history will run its course and Arabia will be westernized. Just a matter of time.
    Westernization is the path to perdition, and it will never happen in non-west countries.

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