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Report thundercats 2017-6-19 07:32
look at Seneca's behavior when i criticized him. look at your behavior when i did not even criticize you. this is why the white man will  be preferable. wait and see, no one will care even if china surpasses the US in gdp. you people are simply disgusting. i'd rather be born in s. africa, than in china. seneca's behavior vs. your behavior, is the reason.
Report thundercats 2017-6-19 01:15
especially when most of the guys here are disrespectful and stupid.
Report thundercats 2017-6-19 01:15
I just realized this site is 90% male, and it's the reason it's yuck. I don't really like hanging out with a bunch of guys. I like hanging out with one guy, romantically. But I don't like to be a minority female in a group with majority male. This could be the last straw.

Bye bye.
Report thundercats 2017-6-18 23:55
i've never met so many stupid people, to be honest. usually i would say the americans are wiser than i am, and i learn from them. i can't believe i am actually smarter than you. i thought chinese were smart. ...i used to have a lot of respect for asians raised in asia in general, especially when i first left the USA, but not anymore...when i was in the US, people treated me as smart, but i thought i was smart because i was asian, not because of who i was individually. so i thought all asians were smart. today i realize not all asians are smart, and there are many stupid asians....but look on the bright side, life is not so serious. it's not that bad that you are stupid. i don't know why i feel sorry for you, i guess i shouldn't. it's because iabc is a crybaby and makes me feel bad.
Report thundercats 2017-6-18 23:48
I'm not addicted to here. It's just I feel sorry for some of the people here, so I try to help.
Report thundercats 2017-6-16 07:32
when are you going to make it mandatory to sign up with a mobile number? Isn't that the law nowadays?
Report thundercats 2017-6-16 07:31
i want to go now. good luck to you, and TAKE CARE. :)
Report thundercats 2017-6-15 03:59
the other thing is, i don't feel like preaching anymore. it's getting old. and it's the same old stuff. that's why i don't want to stay anymore. ...i don't want to comment on politics, because i don't care about it. ...sometimes i look up trump, but it's no different from looking up gossip on the's not the politics i care about, but he is entertaining.....and you people don't like it when i write about china, right? so i'm stopping.....i'm not happy with modern chinese civilization, so yeah, i'm not going to have anything good to say about it. ..that doesn't mean there isn't anything good about it....though i can't think of any particular chinese characteristics today to be proud's better if i left.'s not good to get addicted to the internet and stay online all day.....fill your life with other offline activities (by which i mean, you don't need any connection to the internet)
Report thundercats 2017-6-15 03:54
seneca will keep you company. ...if you miss me, just go to yahoo answers. ...there are people there that share my views....but i also think that most real people have gotten offline, to be replaced by all the trolls. ....Q&A sites used to be really good 10 years ago, where real people were there helping each other out.'s all the trolls and their negativity.
Report thundercats 2017-6-15 03:51
so you are going to be here forever? maybe you can use this forum to develop your skills, you know, if you have to stay here.

it's too bad you don't want to get to know me in real life. ...because as i said, i don't like this online stuff. ...otherwise i would add and keep your come some other chinese can share their contacts here, but you can't? it's because you are paid to be here, right? too bad that you can't tell me your name.

well, yeah, it's been a long time. so i think i have contributed enough. if you still don't get, you won't ever. it won't help me being here.

see ya.
Report thundercats 2017-6-15 03:46
I have to go...take care of yourself.

(oops, almost signed my real name, again. lol)
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