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Share A Poem on 2016 US General Election
dovexu 2017-7-29 23:02
2016 US General Election American democracy could be called a canonical example of the world, but it deformed as the mind of the people changed. A black swan flew out from the real estate sector, and indeed a political outsider was surprisingly elected as the president. Remark: It was written on January 15, 2017. &nb ...
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Share Rocky Cliffs
dovexu 2017-7-29 21:04
Rocky Cliffs
This is mycollege classmate's painting. I wrote the following poem for it. Rocky Cliffs ...
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Share This April of Beijing
dovexu 2017-7-21 21:30
This April of Beijing Wickers are hanging down like green silks and willow catkins are flying. The flower rain of Begonian evanslana is falling down competitively. Peach flowers wilt or blo ...
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Share Trip to Shanghai
dovexu 2017-7-14 00:13
Trip to Shanghai The weather in the middle of this April is like the one in June, but the water in Huang Pu river circulates as usual. New sceneries are added to the old international street on the west shore , and how ...
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Share Medical Anxiousness
dovexu 2017-7-9 11:39
Medical Anxiousness The government’s new medical policy is to reduce the burden of patients, but the greedy medical practitioners go on the opposite way. The prices of drugs have not been reduced that much, but the prices of medical treatments are on rocket-rising. The old medical anxiousness has not been alleviated and the new one is adde ...
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Share Visiting Wu Han University
dovexu 2017-7-2 18:38
Visiting Wu Han University Around the Luo Jia mountain is the famous Wu Han University. It has been developing over one-hundred years and trained numerous talents. The main architecture looks like a castle, where stone stairways go through the out-building. The Japanese cherry trees there are colorful in this March, Overwhel ...
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Share This March of Beijing (A poem)
dovexu 2017-6-26 23:07
This March of Beijing On a foggy and blurry day in Beijing, forsythia is happily playing with spring. The peach flowers are colorful, but where can we find bees? Rented by two-dimensional codes, sharing bikes flow as clouds. In the war of keeping the blue sky, everyone should observe the laws and regulations. ...
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Share Today’s Mansion of Yellow Cranes
dovexu 2017-6-25 23:01
"Mansion of Yellow Cranes" was a very famous poem written by Cui Hao in Tang Dynastymore than twelve hundred years ago, which described an extraordinary out-look from a mansion near the Yangtze river in Wu Han. Whatdoes the mansion look like today? I had visit it this March and writtenthe following poem. &nb ...
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Share Key to Success
dovexu 2017-6-18 11:58
"Expecting sons to be dragons and daughters to be phoenixes" is a historic Chinese culture. Nowadays, Chinese parents let their children take various classes starting at two in order to win at beginning. Children are so busy at class learning that they have little time to play. The duck-feeding education really destroys kids' natural creativity. What makes a person successful? Based on my experience, I believe that the key to success is "patience, persist ...
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Share Why the North Korea Problem Can Not Be Solved?
dovexu 2017-6-14 23:23
The surviiving principle of a small and weak country is to seak the protection from world powers. After the cold war, both China and Russia need a good international environment to develop their economy. To avoid annoying the world largest economy US, both countries did not promise DPRK (North Korea) a full protection. This led DPRK to seak a full protection from US. However, UShas beena backbone of ROK (South Korea). It&nbs ...
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