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Share Wounded Feeling
dovexu 2018-7-16 14:21
Wounded Feeling The moon captured my mind. But she shined on the other man. & ...
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Share Disaster of Trade
dovexu 2018-7-16 14:13
Disaster of Trade Where is the integrity of the global leader? The imperial war vehicles are directed by a business man. Trade guns and cannons have shot all over the w ...
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Share Thinking of a Friend in Hong Kong
dovexu 2018-6-7 13:57
Thinking of a Friend in Hong Kong I moved to Hong Kong when I was near thirty-years old. The environment and dialect both were new to me. A curvaceous young woman with long hair on her shoulders came to my office. She told me various benefits of buying insurance. I had hesitation in my mind and euphemistically declined. The business failed but ...
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Share Poisonous Thorns under the Petals of Roses
dovexu 2018-5-22 11:40
Poisonous Thorns under the Petals of Roses Being kind or evil depends on the position of pendulum . The word of love is often hung on the lips. It pierces one into deep bones if necessary. It is disgus ...
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Share Crisis of Chinese Semiconductor Chips
dovexu 2018-5-7 19:52
Crisis of Chinese Semiconductor Chips US government has blocked ZTE to purchase American chips. It stirred up thousands of waves among Chinese society. Do not complain too much that your mind has been hurt. Our compatriots should self-strengthen our chip industry. Take the spirit of the tale of a man who tried to move a mountain. In the end, we will ...
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Share New Page of the Road from Xi’an to Chengdu
dovexu 2018-4-23 17:02
New Page of the Road from Xi’an to Chengdu How difficult is the road from Xi’an to Chengdu? It was described by Bai Li as “difficult as climbing haven”. In lofty mountains and steep hills, a project had been carried out heroically. The difficulty have disappeared now. A high-speed railway from Xi’an to Chengdu has been built. The whole journey only takes three hours. Two cities can now be promoted each othe ...
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Share Mountain Field
dovexu 2018-4-8 17:34
Mountain Field
Mountain Field Under the blue sky and white clouds, there are deep-green mountains and latent houses. The front is a piece of shallow-green field, and the farmers are at their leisure. 山田 蓝天白云, 翠山隐舍。 & ...
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Share American Tax Reform
dovexu 2018-3-22 16:03
American Tax Reform The United Sates is going to have a big tax reduction The goal is to attract its enterprises moving back to the country. Are there enough technical workers? It is hard to benefit the grass roots. Its economy can only be promoted slightly. But its governm ...
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Share Reappearance of the Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty
dovexu 2018-3-7 23:51
Reappearance of the Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty
Reappearance of the Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty Kaifeng Government Complex of Song Dynasty has been famous for a thousand years. It was buried underground as the mud of the Yellow River had swallowed Kaifeng City. It was redesigned after after carefully studying the historic documents. The complex was rebuilt a few years ago and tourists visit regularly. There are a red bounding wall and some houses with glaze roofs. ...
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Share Immortal Residence
dovexu 2018-2-22 10:43
Immortal Residence
Immortal Residence The cliff valley is ten-thousand zhang deep, where the immortal residence shows fairyism. At the gate of the valley, the ghostly rocks are embracing a deep-green summit. and a rocky chivalrous couple on the east side are quietly watching. Remark: “ Immortal Residence ” is a famous scenery in Xianju county, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. 1 ...
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