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Share An Elderly Lady Saved Her Grandson
dovexu 2018-12-12 16:33
An Elderly Lady Saved Her Grandson It was a good day with cloudless blue sky. An elderly lady took her grandson outdoor to play. They moved slowly on the building’s gate slope. Suddenly, she was tripped by the resistance strip ...
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Share Longyou, My Hometown
dovexu 2018-12-1 18:50
Longyou, My Hometown On the banks of Lingshan river, the fragrance of cherry bay flowers puffed around. The flowing clear water is telling a story. The key town in the west of Zhejiang province was established in Qin dynasty. The wealthy merchants from four provinces went there for business and exchanging information. The ...
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Share Lou Mountain
dovexu 2018-11-16 15:19
Lou Mountain. The wind stopped and the rain took a rest in the region of great Lou Mountain. All the summits there were deep green with extensive fog around. An arcade stone bridge goes across the Lou Mountain strate ...
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Share Unforgettable Lvshun
dovexu 2018-11-2 14:53
Unforgettable Lvshun The nation was frail in late Qing Dynasty and lost the marine battle to Japan in 1894. Japanese invaders occupied Lvshun and massacred the inhabitants brutally. East Liaoning retained to the nation after Czarist Russia’s intervention. ...
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Share Pondering at Clear Water Bay
dovexu 2018-10-8 16:57
Pondering at Clear Water Bay The bay got its name due to the high quality of water. A university was established and added a new scenery there. White and gray buildings were hidden in a deep-green slope. The mountain and sea in the south form a view that is more beautiful than any painting. It is pity that ...
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Share Continuous Rain
dovexu 2018-9-22 10:04
Continuous Rain Hong long long, the thunder keeps roaring. Hua la la, the rain continues to drop. Look at the lower place on the street. A young man swims there and shocks passengers. It hardly happens once ten years in Beijing. Beats the raining season in southern China! Remark. It was written on 17 July 2018. &nb ...
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Share Thought after Visiting Golden Mountain
dovexu 2018-9-5 13:17
Thought after Visiting Golden Mountain It happened once a thousand years. The tale of a man falling in love with a white snake girl lasts forever. Monk Fahai had showed his Buddhist power. He suppressed the white snake without mercy. Raising the flood up to the Temple of Golden Mountain, ...
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Share Garden of Clear Up-River Area
dovexu 2018-8-20 15:31
Garden of Clear Up-River Area “ Picture of Clear Up-River Area ” was painted by Zheduan Zhang in North-Song dynasty. . A garden of materializing the painting was built in Kaifeng in 1998. There are two double-roof observing booths at both sides of the gate. Crowds flooded into the gate with exciting noise. ...
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Share Initial Exploration to the City of Spring Water
dovexu 2018-8-7 16:07
Initial Exploration to the City of Spring Water The spring water gushes out in Baotu Green Garden. It endlessly nourishes plants and raises people. There are Chinese fringe trees, cedars and lights with the word of spring. In the front of the memorial hall of Qingzhao Li, I recited her poems. Clear water poured out from the mouths of three ...
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Share Authentic Work of an Ancient Capital
dovexu 2018-7-24 09:13
Authentic Work of an Ancient Capital
Authentic Work of an Ancient Capital The iron-like pagoda of Kaifeng was built in North-Song dynasty. The ancient capital had been buried a few times by the mud of Yellow River. The pagoda has gone through sunshine and rain for near a thousand years. The symbol of national stability has passed the test and survives. I went up the inner narrow stairway as difficult as rock climbing. I had arch ...
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