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Share He Garden in Yangzhou
dovexu 2020-3-10 15:20
He Garden in Yangzhou There is a division wall in the middle of the two-way winding corridor. It is three-li long and goes up and down smoothly. It connects hills, goes around ponds and passes through rooms and halls. On the corridor, one can appreciate the whole scenery of the garden at day and night. There is a spectacular view in a court of roc ...
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Share Dujiang Weirs of Thousand Years
dovexu 2020-2-18 18:08
Dujiang Weirs of Thousand Years Look back upon the near end of Zhao King era in Qin dynasty of more than two thousand years ago . Libing and his son led people to build weirs. They built a fire on Jade Pile mountain. It burned day and night, and eventually caused rocks to split open. Then they cut into the mountain, gouged a water way and were not afraid of danger. It ...
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Share Ge Garden
dovexu 2020-1-15 10:42
Ge Garden It is located in the northeast corner of the ancient city Yangzhou. I was designed based on the theory of Chinese landscape painting. The varieties of bamboos in the garden are as many as stars and the bam ...
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Share Harbin Sophia Church
dovexu 2019-12-24 10:23
Harbin Sophia Church It was originated from an army accompanying church of Czarist Russia. A Russian business man invested to build a wooden church at the same place after the army withdrew. The number of the Orthodox Christians in Harbin increased rapidly. The city authority rebuilt a large Byzantium style church des ...
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Share Crying Hongkong
dovexu 2019-11-28 16:22
Crying Hongkong The expatriate bill caused the winds and waves in Hong Kong. Black hands utilized the situation to unrest Hongkong. “Freedom and democracy” became the pet phrase of the riots. But they beat their dissidents ruthlessly. Their minds were occupied by evil spirit so that they counted the records and forgot their ancestors. They burnt t ...
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Share Carnival of Butterflies
dovexu 2019-10-22 10:48
Carnival of Butterflies There used to be a charming beautiful girl called “Wen Gu”. She fell in love with a young male hunter called “Xia Lan”. A local tyrant was covetous of the beauty of Wen Gu. He framed up Xia Lan by a devised wicked scheme. As a result, the lovers were forced to separate. They committed suicide together by jumping into a lake of spring water. ...
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Share Impression on Tsingdao
dovexu 2019-9-26 16:40
Impression on Tsingdao There is a little island in a bay, which is full of shades of green trees. The island contains lush green shrubs and keeps green in whole year. The metropolis in east Shangdong got its name from the status of the island. A landing stage is over one-hundred years old and travels with Tsingdao beer as its label. It stenches out toward the sea and a forest ...
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Share Scenery of the Slender West Lake
dovexu 2019-9-3 10:30
Scenery of the Slender West Lake It is located in the northwest suburb of the ancient city Yangzhou. It originated from a strip of connected ancient city moats. Peach trees and willows were planted alternatively in a smoky long embankment. A dark-green stone bridge looks like a long rainbow sleeping on the waves. In a white octagonal pagoda of Guanyin Temple, ...
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Share Meeting of the Father and Daughter
dovexu 2019-8-5 15:39
Meeting of the Father and Daughter The two cities in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are separated by ten-thousand li. The father and daughter living in the cities had not met for ten years and missed each other very much. When they met in an airport, they stared at each other with their eyes full of tears. “Oh, my daughter changed as a sapling suddenly transfor ...
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Share Summer Capital
dovexu 2019-7-2 19:36
Summer Capital It is a world paradise of observing birds. It is the best place to see sunrise in China. There is not a bitter cold day in winter. There is not an extremely hot day in summer. The Temple of Eagle Horn stretches out to the sky. The name of Bei Dai He is floating in the sea. Here comes the summer of Bei Dai He, There are more police men for security. ...
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