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hi222 2017-5-30 16:35:34
that "chinaman" (name itself is racist by the way, what an idiot) is one hell of a pathetic loser/stalker. i'm sure there are others. i don't want to talk to him. tell him to take the hint and stop following me around like an ass. oh i forgot. he is too god damned stupid to understand. guess i have to leave. guess i was wrong one person couldn't drive me away. what a disgusting coward. never felt so lucky in all my life. we were so lucky to have gotten out. poor chinese leaders that they h ... ...
hi222 2017-5-29 20:42:29
tell doglover i'm not mad at her anymore.
hi222 2017-5-29 19:11:57
i think you got my message, right? yeah, i don't want to hang out online, because i think it's a waste of life. life is for living in real time, not virtually. it's okay if you are doing your job, but after 5 pm, you should not touch the computer anymore. see you. you can contact me if you want to talk :) we will talk on wechat. this forum is ....not for me. i don't want to read any more posts because i don't want to bother's a road to nowhere. ...
hi222 2017-5-29 08:50:46
oh it's a long holiday in china. happy holidays :D
hi222 2017-5-29 08:47:23
like i know some lesbians in real life, i would never tell them i think that's gross....and politics or making the world better is not something i would talk about to people in real yeah i think i say things on here i would not say in real life. i guess it's pretty good we can get along this come sonia disappeared. ...i quite wanted to get to know her better. ...too bad she is afraid of talking to me. ....did she not like me, or was she afraid to be associated ... ...
hi222 2017-5-28 19:22:05
so that's why i think the world system that we have now really was created by the the reason i cared about china, is that i was hoping china might be able to help change the direction of the world and create something entirely new.......but i get mad at the people here, because while you are nobodies, but you are not do represent a certain section of chinese society, and it is a sign that china will not get any better than it is now. you show no signs of ... ...
hi222 2017-5-28 19:08:27
even though i would try to do my best while i am still here, ...i find life quite boring in general...the things i want to do, i can't do, because i'm not a guy. ....i honestly can't wait for the afterlife. i think it should be great. i am just here to help the people as much as i can...and also help myself. i think life is boring, because of all the technological invasion. ....and the pollution...and the chemicals....and the gmo foods......and the economic system......people work like s ... ...
hi222 2017-5-28 18:58:35
well, it's time to go. that's why they say the happiest man is the average person on the street. it's a lot of headache to try to run a country. better to just live your own life well. i look at china and i do get a headache and feel like vomiting, not from disgust but from feeling overwhelmed. it's better to not get involved. you know, you do teach me tolerance here. i feel like my tolerance level just went way up having to deal with the stupid people here....i feel like i am a better tea ... ...
hi222 2017-5-28 10:09:17
I don't eat KFC anymore.
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