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  • internet spreading information or not 2017-3-15 18:50

    you sound like an apologist for the flawed search engine system. why not just admit the flaw, and correct it? oh thats right, i forgot, the internet's primary purpose is to spread disinf0rmation, not to properly inf0rm the public. instead of going off on tangents, and running from responsiblity, take off your r biased lenses. i used bing for my experiment, and i havent heard of bing being blocked in China. i also havent noticed a huge difference between bing results vs gugle results, so the flaws that we see on bing will also apply to gugle. also, if you insist on using only western sources for your "teaching", then perhaps you shouldnt be teaching anyone. i am glad i dont have you for a teacher, and i hope your students know bs when they see it. you should also ask yourself why western websites are blocked before rambling, because western websites werent blocked from the begining. the internet became widely used in 96, and major blocks didnt come until 08. maybe you should stop inciting riots and facebook wont be blocked. you ever consider that? also, i say this to all the shils, sp00ks, etc...... if you want to use facebook so badly, then why dont you go back to your country? China has done a lot of things wrong (ie acomodating inperialists like yourself), but one of the few things they did right was to block gugle.

  • internet spreading information or not 2017-3-5 16:40

    getting any option from an internet search it better than being blocked completely, as has happened on occasion when i use it for work.
    In China there are blocks on the most ridiculous sites that are excellent resources for a teacher, sites that contain teaching suggestions and exercises to help students have extra practice.
    Not to mention blocks on news websites.

    I'd sooner have access to sites and be able to compare content than be unable to do basic research for usable material.

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