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Share hong kong's judges
MAN_UP 2017-2-24 14:40
hong kong's judges
how bizare. that's a whole lot of white. are they fit to judge? is it time to reform how judges are selected?
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Share Are search engines practicing self censorship?
MAN_UP 2017-2-23 16:39
Are search engines practicing self censorship?
Recently, there has been an infamous hk judge who's been in the news. He handed out harsh sentences to hk cops who beat a rioter (probably on the payroll of ngo). There's been a lot of talk that the infamous judge, david dufton, when handing out the sentence, was more interested in promoting western interests (in other words inperialism) in the city, than justice. If you are curious about the judge, and wanted to look him up, however, nothing can be found about him. Essentially, the big se ...
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Share internet spreading information or not
MAN_UP 2017-2-14 11:20
internet spreading information or not
one of the most frustrating things when using the internet is the lack of relevance in search engine results. how many times have you searched for one thing, and the search engine returns something completely different, usually irrelevant and unhelpful? any taiwan watcher will notice the increase in jingoism in taiwan province in recent decades. so i decided to do a search on the topic, and i was not surprised by the dissapointing results. the search engine i used was the corporate backed engine ...
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