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Report jimmyjin 2017-7-10 11:02
hi Gay
nice to see you first .
I am a Chinese man in his 40s , sincerely looking for communication and friendships .  if you are interested , let 's be friends.  
Report Gayle 2017-2-23 05:18
I have a suggestion for a book you might like.   It is called "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith.  It is available online for free as a PDF.  This book was published  the 1940s.  It is an autobiographical novel based on the author's experiences growing up in Brooklyn, New York, in the early 1900s.     It follows her life from about aged eleven into her teens.  She is very poor and often hungry but she dreams of becoming a writer (which she did become in real life, because she wrote this book!)  This was a book I liked a lot when I was your age.  (I am 64 now.)   The book is like a series of little stories, rather than one connected plot, so it can really be opened at random to read the chapters in any order.  I think it was based on her diary.  PS The tree of the title is the Ailanthus tree, native to China (臭椿).
Report SunnyWang2004 2017-2-22 14:00
Gayle: Are you really a middle school student?  Your English is amazing, you have a grasp of colloquial idiomatic English that is hard for foreigners to achi ...
Thanks, I read a lot of books and some of them are not aimed at middle school studnets. I also like to read Gone with the Wind and Serlock Holmes... Anyway, I'll read it if it interests me and this habit has made me into a book-loving sort of person.

Thanks for your message!
Report Gayle 2017-2-19 03:41
Hello rose!  I am sorry, I don't have wechat.  But I will send you a friend invitation.  Also, since you are involved in political and ideological education, I would be curious about your opinion of the question I posted in this thread:   The first post in the thread.  Thank you for your opinion.  Blessings, Gayle
Report A_Blue_Sky 2017-2-15 20:57
Gayle: Hi!  Please forgive me for contacting you out of the blue.  I am writing you because I saw you are a teacher.  I am also a teacher (retired) but I am  ...
hi nice to meet you. i am rose. i dont usually stay on line . but you can leave me message here and if you have wechat then we could be wechat is 18761601363
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