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Share Seeing is NOT Believing
2017-2-28 21:00
Seeing is NOT Believing
Seei ng is NOT Believing( 见非所见 ) By Yifei Wang (王怡菲), a 7th Grader of Zhengzhou Middle School As the movie Now You See Me 2 came out, loads of people went to watch it, no exception for me either. The movie itself was full of mysteries and it was certainly a very good one. No one had even gone to the bathroom once during those fantastic two hours, because if you missed a second, you missed the whole show. Apart from the story, the point it ...
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2017-2-3 12:29
LET’S GO HIKING IN THE WOODS -----A Movie Review of A Walk in the Woods By Wang Yifei (王怡菲),a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School If you look at what you do not have in life, then you have nothing; if you look at what you have already had in life, then you have everything. Our life needs our courage and hard work to be glamorous. But what would happen in two old men, one rich, one poor, who decided to go hiking together ...
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Share All Violent Joy Will Meet A Violent End
2017-2-3 11:59
All Violent Joy Will Meet A Violent End
All Violent Joy Will Meet A Violent End ——A Movie Review of West World By Yifei Wang (王怡菲), a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School We live in a limited world where our moves, our sentences are all under control either by law or by our own moral baseline. Because of this, we often dreamed of a place where we could be whoever we want, do whatever we prefer. But what our lives would be like if a place like that actually exists? &nb ...
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2017-2-3 11:55
IT ALL DEPENDS ON OURSELVES ----- A Movie Review of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” By Wang Yifei (王怡菲) Many things have happened during the time when I was watching “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” First, I watched it on New year’s Eve and got scolded by my parents for not being “festively” enough. Then, my dog got sick and we have to send it to the vet on the first day of the new year. It doesn’t sound ...
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  • A Bookworm’ Complaint 2018-8-10 16:56

    My daughter is 11 and she is a real bookworm too, just like you. She is fluent in three languages but she doesn't write as eloquent as you in any of them. Bravo.

  • The Birds Flying South (Part II) 2017-4-13 15:23

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