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Inhumane society

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Rak, a stammerer and a brilliant student from a rural area who for the first time got chance in the country's best university from his shabby locality but his such brilliancy now the only reason behind his unbearable frustration. 

The story of Rak for his only little bit stammering problem is full of vicissitudes but he made it possible to exploit the situation by bearing all kinds of unbearable pinches, mockeries and discriminatory jostles against him by the society, peers and even some of his teachers.

After completing his primary education he saw dream to have more exiting life in his high school but it started fading as he noticed for his little stammering problems most of the students laugh at him. His impressive laughing face gradually turned into gloomy one but he did not express about such hurdles to his family.

However after successfully competing class six, seven and eight He occupied third position in Class nine. By this time teachers of the school thought he was irregular students and he wont be able to achieve a good result in coming exams. Rak did only 40 percent class in class nine surprisingly secured the first position in the class ten. One of the teachers called on him and said Rak i like you very much and i thought you went to the dog as you are very much irregular at class but congrts man you did very well in the exams. Rak said him sir i read in my home because there i have a world to lead the life comfortably.

However, after showing signs of brilliancy in HSC level, he was the one of the 800 students who got chance to read in the country's best business school by competing around 50000 students. By this time Rak however overcome around 60 percent of his stammering and now most of the time he speaks fluently but when he get nervous a little bit stammering also jostles him. He thought now he is getting to get some good days as he completed BBA and MBA.

The great hurdles also started here for the man as after ensuring good marks in written exams of the recruitment tests, he cannot do well in the viva exams only for his little bit stammering though he has required quality to do the job effectively and efficiently.

After qualifying very though written exams this enthusiastic young man  have faced around 15 viva but employers did not give him the ground to utilize his talents and skills. Rak,s family and society of that underdeveloped rural area have a lot of expectations from him and who also hoped to meet those accordingly but situations are consistently deprive him to  go ahead.

Unfortunately I also know some people have such little problem but they are struggling to reach their desired peak where they are only confined with struggling.

There are a lot of organizations or Non-government organizations working to combat various health and social problem but we don’t see such type of organizations which can ensure the basic rights of these brilliant segment. They don’t need to accommodate them; they can play the crucial roles by raising voice and making awareness so that such brilliant people get proper evaluation and they can get the ground to utilize their knowledge and skills.



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Reply Report voice_cd 2017-1-22 08:50
thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-1-26 08:56
I know a junkee that stutters. Not from drugs, he stuttered as a child. His friends call him Stuttering Steve. He is a very nice guy.

I was watching a John Wayne movie once and there is a scene where there is a kid that messes up something and causes some problem with a herd of cattle or something, and he is trying to tell John Wayne something important in relation to that but can't spit it out because of his stuttering problem. John Wayne does not accept his stuttering and tells the boy to stop doing it and the boy does. I think John Wayne might have slapped him even. It was funny because in modern times people generally have to be overly considerate of people that have a special need problem like stuttering, and here John Wayne was not even tolerating the special need, and in the movie that approach worked and the kid stopped stuttering. Pretty funny.

Stuttering is mostly a psychological thing isn't it? A lot of the time a kid that stutters has been abused or suffered some kind of trauma. It is something to do with confidence isn't it?

I think that all people that stutter should get the help they need and in my opinion ion it must be the state that is responsible for things like that, and the solution should not be corporate welfare scams for insurance companies like the Australian NDIS or American 'Affordable Care Act' which are private options where corporations make a profit on the sick and disabled at the taxpayers expense. A single payer type system is the best option that is owned by the state and the care given for cost not profit. If a 'non-profit' or 'charity' needs to step in then the state has failed and broken the social contract it has with its population.

A public-private option would be acceptable.

edit - I just googled it and the John Wayne movie where he cures a kid from stuttering by yelling at him for stuttering is called The Cowboys.
Reply Report Wazed 2017-1-26 21:30
Thank you very much for your comprehensive view about this silly psychological problem. Yes, it is a psychological problem but weird think is that they are qualified and have required aptitude to do most of the jobs but employers greatly undermine the talents of these genius people. I cried to see the suffering of one of my juniors who is very much talented students but faced a lot of interviews after qualifying competitive written tests.
one day i noticed he is crying as one of his mates got a job even tough the mark of that mate was significantly less than that of him. It is pathetic and a slap to the conscience of the conscious citizens and employers too.

Information, nearly 1 percent people of the world are suffering from such problem but some developed countries like as UK and USA have special arrangements regarding this problem where 95 per cent countries have no special arrangement where such people are being deprived.
A blind get the job but not a stammerer! how funny our system is!
Global human rights organizations also do not have any policies regarding such problems!
I think a global movement is crucially needed to make people conscious and to ensure a smooth life of these talents !
Thank you again my friend!

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