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Share Truth Be Told
2018-8-21 20:34
Truth Be Told
Just seconds after I got my finger cut by the sharp edge of the broken glass panel of a roadside bulletin board when I tried to flag down a cab, I felt that I was blessed, because the little accident just ocurred steps away from a drugstore. The cut was not serious at all, but it would appear gross to leave it untreated, as I was on my way to a meeting with a prospective business partner whom I had never met before. A bunch of people, including a long-haired dude holding a video ca ...
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Share Sandwich English Is Laughable
2017-6-19 18:26
Sandwich English Is Laughable
Sandwich English ( 散装英语 ), which is different from pidgin English, refers to speeches in Chinese that are profusely punctuated with English words, usually to a fault. This unique linguistic hybrid is widely spoken among the Chinese employees at foreign companies’ establishments in China, usually when no foreigners are engaged in the conversation. Pretty ironic, huh? If you are one of those employees, you would highly likely be bombarded on a daily basis with p ...
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Share A Robot's Frustration
2017-2-28 23:17
A Robot's Frustration
I am a robot, a humanoid robot, to be precise, custom-programmed to specific requirements of a couple in their early-thirties, who, like most of the owners of robots, just sought aid in handling their domestic chores by having me, which inevitably would cost them a fortune, so they would be able to spend more time enjoying life. Practically, I could have a casing that would make me look exactly like a human being, however, as the wife thought it too creepy for her to wander about the hou ...
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Share Stories of Chopsticks Going Global
2017-2-7 17:08
Stories of Chopsticks Going Global
I went abroad several times before, mostly on business trips to western European countries, and my destinations usually were small towns where my company’s manufacturing facilities were located. In a town named Schweinfurt in south Germany, which has a population of around 50,000 people, including 6,000 American troops stationed there, there is a Chinese Resturant called Mayflower, and whenever my stomach’s craving for Chinese cuisine reached the boiling point during my stay at the town ...
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Share Chimpanzees Show Empathy, Can You?
2017-1-19 14:03
Chimpanzees Show Empathy, Can You?
Imagine that you are in a cinema watching a movie, and the actor on the screen is hammering a nail into the wall, but as he is either ham-fisted, or simply gets distracted, he just slips up, and pounds the hammer onto his thumb instead, then the hapless guy starts to cry in pain. At seeing this, what will your reaction be? Or will you react at all? According to some surveys, most viewers would involuntarily grimace as if the hammer falls on their own thumbs, even withou ...
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Share My Only Red Carpet Experience
2017-1-16 00:41
My Only Red Carpet Experience
It is nothing uncommon that people entertain themselves by feeding on celebrity juice, as the occasional sneak peek into famous people’s lives sometimes is too enticing to resist. As an ordinary office worker, I am also not immune to it, though I would not be as obsessive as the teenager dubbed ”Hongqiao Yijie” (虹桥一姐) whose antics of relentlessly chasing after celebrities have recently gone viral on the internet. I used to be very much infatuated with pop singers, whose songs I still ...
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  • Truth Be Told 2018-12-23 19:14

    J.E.Overington: Thanks for sharing your Chinese step-by-step thoughts through conflict management in front of media. I'm western, trained in logic, and I have media f ...
    Thanks for the comment.

    The story is about a fictitious incident, and it is not even set in China.  

    Actually I meant to write a story that could illustrate people's tendency to veil their true feelings on camera (or by extension, in public places) in social interactions, based on their calculation of gains and losses.

    Anyway, since I have put it out for everybody to read, I expect readers to interpret the messages in various ways, as it's par for the course according to research in social cognition psychology.

    By the way, I have to clarify that my experiences with drugstores in China are actually the polar opposite of what is depicted in the story, the dispensers are mostly nice ladies, friendly, obliging, sometimes even overzealous in helping you.  

  • Truth Be Told 2018-12-23 08:04

    Thanks for sharing your Chinese step-by-step thoughts through conflict management in front of media. I'm western, trained in logic, and I have media facing experience silencing scandals. I'll share my thoughts step-by-step,

    First, I would praise all I could, as you did, but I would omit praise of the staff. We like to create wiggle-room so we don't feel cornered into anything in the future.

    Second, if the cut on your finger is severe enough to need stitches, not just a swipe of H2O2, then the staff's unprofessionalism could be a health hazard, and that can be brought quietly and anonymously to her supervisor without asking for her to be fired. Again, we like room for maneuverability, so I would report only potential health hazards without comment on her ability to get along with people.

    Third, she gave you terrible customer service, and among foreign-dominated conversations in China, customer service is widely commented on as a "missing phenomenon". I tend to disagree with the ways foreigners talk when alone together in China: if they don't like it they can go. But I listen because sometimes I meet a caring person who is struggling to solve a challenge. Due to that situation, I've been wondering how to teach customer service skills to Chinese who do not seek the skills, do not know foreigners wish the Chinese would develop their skills... so that sort of thing, shown here, I air a little in public to listen to Chinese responses gradually. I'm a slow developer and customer service lessons from westerners for Chinese is going to be a big win someday, but years after the topic cools down.

    In the west, because you received no customer service, you could easily say so without the issues you iterated in your blog. We expect customer service training to be part of the norm, and a way to say it without causing all the upsets you apprehended, is to say the worker could benefit from some customer service training you guess the city is in the process of providing. That lets all involved save face while clearing the air.

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