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My World Most Favourite Person My Mother

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Every Day is Mother's Day! When you knew how to speak, what is your first word? It is the Mother. We are grown up in the arms of our mothers. No one loves us like our mothers, no one is willing to sacrifice everything for us like our mothers. If someone asks me “Who are your favorite person and your inspiration and your everything? I will say it is my mother. I admire my mother. She was always busy taking care family also she doing her govt. job. But she never said she was tired. She loves us more than her life. My mother was my teacher, friends, adviser, the inspiration for everything. Who can I share all my problem and stories in life?  When I am sad, ill happy or stressful, my mother was always with my side and comfort me. Sometimes I was angry with my mother because she reminds me too much thing. After my Secondary School Certificate examination result after I realize everything. She just wants her son to be good. Making my mother cry is the worst thing but I did. In 2009 I did not study properly, I was reading novel and newspaper also visit outside too much. When my secondary school certificate examination result was published. My result was average not so good. It was the biggest bad situation in my life. Only one person always beside me she is my mother. I saw her tears at that time. She cried. She told me many times that I should not lose my time another work. I needed to focus on my studying but I ignore her advice. She always supports me anything otherwise I cannot do anything after my S.S.C. My mother gives me everything in my life, she is the best. The greatest women in the world and my heart. My mother's death was on May 24, 2012, at Samorita Hospital Dhaka, Bangladesh. She was suffering from Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder for a few years. Her grave is at our home district Thakurgaon. My father and my younger brother always go there.  I came to China in September 2015. Since then I did not go back home. When I go to my country I will also go there.  We are all missing my mother so much, especially our festivals.  My mother "Anowara Khatun" (23-02-1969: 24-05-2012)- 7th death anniversary is coming soon. Everybody pray for my mother. Happy Mothers Day 2019!! Lots of love and best wishes for all the mothers. 

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