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Share The Insider
2019-11-13 02:54
It's an open secret that the political system is chock-a-block with mealy-mouthed influence-peddlers bent on resorting to underhanded tactics, spin doctors kvelling over their blinding efforts to sway public opinion, and craven foot soldiers gung-ho about doing their benefactors' bidding. As a result, working in a world like this one , in which mud-slinging, subterfuge and personal rivalries are the predominate forces, is tough sledding. Yet 李康 ...
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Share The Lonely Journey
2019-11-1 14:13
It's written based on a song sung by伍思凯. I have rewritten it. I had promised you that we were going to travel together. Yet I failed to live up to this promise, flying solo like a lonely eagle looking for its nest. I had said I would be the guard protecting you. Yet I abrogated all my obligations and slunk away like a skunk. The landscape scrolled by as I sat brooding on a train headed towards somewhere I couldn't think of.&nbs ...
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Share Ciao, Fabio Cannavaro
2019-10-28 19:15
La Gazzetta dello Sport, which is the biggest newspaper in Italy, has a point when it argues that it would be a mistake for Guangzhou Evergrande to sack its current manager Fabio Cannavaro, in light of the fact that Guangzhou Evergrande remains a point ahead of Shanghai SIPG at the top of the league standings. Moreover, Guangzhou Evergrande's decision to jawbone Fabio Cannavaro into attending an “enterprise culture studies class" sounds like an abysmal decision that you w ...
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Share A Dream
2019-10-25 12:53
It's written based on a song and a dream. It's so strange that strange flowers with attractive petals greet me by bowing their heads. The moonlight seeps through the foliage and shimmers on the ground overgrown with weeds and ferns. It's so strange that a pod of birds with siren-like voices greet me by flapping their wings. The wind whizzes through the branches of trees and blows away a filigree of mist obscuring a pathway covered by moss. T ...
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Share Who Killed Sulli or 雪莉?
2019-10-20 20:40
Sitting on her bed in her bedroom, Sulli or 雪莉-her Chinese name- curls her lips, knits her brows, and smirks, her eyes glinting angrily. Then she starts smiling at the web camera, with her eyes darting around as if she were looking for something or someone. Sulli's doing a personal live show online, which seems to have become a trend in Asia, where celebs like her and commoners resort to using their web cams to promote stardom and showcase their charms. Sulli's ...
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Share Song of Love
2019-10-18 14:45
I just heard a song sung by a Korean singer, and the song's lyrics strike asmelancholy . I couldn't help translating it into English along with some lines that have nothing to do with the original song. You could call it my own thoughts about true love. The name of this song is called Goodbye. 搜索 复制 I'm leaving now without saying goodbye to you. To a place where I don't have to be shacked by the fetters of temporal affairs I'm ...
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Share Room
2019-10-11 09:10
Typically, a room is a place where you sit on a brocade or tufted leather sofa while holding a book in your hand, , veg out in front of the TV, or simply rest up with the heavy velvet drapes drawn. For people keen on pondering over their future career moves and life goals, , their rooms are sedate places suffused with stillness as they sit there seeking mediation; just like gurus from India, a world that's not hemmed in by the hustle and bustle of mode ...
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Share Dune
2019-10-6 13:26
Peggy Noonan, who's a well-regarded columnist in America, once said the trajectory of life is unfathomable and no one seems to be able to foresee what's in store down the road or how many hurdles we have to overcome before we finally reach the destination. But one thing most people know is you have to take it on the chin or be positive when faced with assorted difficulties ; otherwise, you won't be able to go through the wringer and end up becoming the victo ...
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Share How to Qualify for the World Cup?
2018-6-21 14:09
Tellingly, soccer buffs around the world are over the moon now, since they happen to be going through the biggest sports event, the World Cup, which kicked off in Russia last week. Yet for most Chinese soccer fans, who are supposed to be jubilant people as well, , their moods are adumbrated by the fact China failed to quality for this year's World Cup, having failed to beat out South Korea, Iran and, alas, Syria, which is torn by civil war and financial difficulties. ...
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Share To Someone Here
2018-6-18 15:15
Let me tell you something about Murdoch and his wife. To my knowledge, Murdoch made no secret that his former wife was born in China when he still had a pash on his former wife ,Wendi Deng, who is said to have been a scheming, tough-as-nails sort willing to stand the gaff and put through the wringer, just like most Chinese girls who were born in hardscrabble families. From my perspective, the principle reason why Murdoch chose to tie the knot with Wendi Deng ...
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