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Share An Angel With One Eye
tatata69 2019-12-9 15:48
"It's time to touch up lipstick before going out," says Chen Xiaoting-陈晓婷 in Chinese-and pads over to the full-length mirror. Having done that, she starts brushing her long hair with her own hands. Clad in a white skirt, a blue plaid shirt, and sneakers, the jovial Chen Xiaoting could easily be confused for a college girl. In fact, she's a teacher teaching history in the elementary school. Some people might say that would be a sought-after job for a young Chinese girl. For 陈晓 ...
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Share Diversity? Don't Overdo It.
tatata69 2019-12-3 04:53
Diversity is supposed to be good for a company because it provides an opportunity for a company's C-suite to solicit employees' views from different races. On top of that, it also allows women to put new ideas forth as more and more plucky women enter the workforce and become a forced to be reckoned with; a few hard-nosed female execs even have been cheery-picked to preside over the biggest American companies' day-to-day operations. Yet Adrian Woolridge, a well-regarded ...
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Share Say No to That Girl
tatata69 2019-11-29 14:15
A shanghainese girl, who reportedly posted a picture showing a lacquered table laden with some food, has come under fire for being a snooty person. And this supposedly small case seems to be becoming the talk of the town on social media, say, Weibo, a microblogging site on which Chinese netizens and online kibitzers post pictures and mini-stories concerning their private life. Here is what happened. This girl, claiming to be someone working ...
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Share What Are You Waiting For?
tatata69 2019-11-26 03:57
I just watched a Japanese drama produced by Fuji or 富士台 in Chinese, which is one of the biggest TV networks in Japan. The drama, starring 远藤宪一与渡部笃郎, is a story about an old man's strenuous efforts to win the hearts and minds of his 23-year-old girlfriend's family members, who take fright at the fact that this man is much older than the girl, particularly the dad who's a hard-charging plutocrat working for her boyfriend company's arch-rival. And better yet, th ...
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Share The Cost of Love
tatata69 2019-11-18 14:42
Time was when being a poor erudite was not a bad thing in ancient Chinese literature, since the indigent erudite could sweep a rich girl off her feet by writing pulpy poems for her and win her heart thereafter. in 西厢记, 崔莺莺, who was born in an affluent family, has a crush on the cash-strapped student 张生 after being impressed by 张生's eagerness to be a well-bred intellectual; in 牡丹亭, the strong-willed 杜丽娘 sets out her stall to safeguard her marriage with her ...
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Share The Insider
tatata69 2019-11-13 02:54
It's an open secret that the political system is chock-a-block with mealy-mouthed influence-peddlers bent on resorting to underhanded tactics, spin doctors kvelling over their blinding efforts to sway public opinion, and craven foot soldiers gung-ho about doing their benefactors' bidding. As a result, working in a world like this one , in which mud-slinging, subterfuge and personal rivalries are the predominate forces, is tough sledding. Yet 李康 ...
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Share The Lonely Journey
tatata69 2019-11-1 14:13
It's written based on a song sung by伍思凯. I have rewritten it. I had promised you that we were going to travel together. Yet I failed to live up to this promise, flying solo like a lonely eagle looking for its nest. I had said I would be the guard protecting you. Yet I abrogated all my obligations and slunk away like a skunk. The landscape scrolled by as I sat brooding on a train headed towards somewhere I couldn't think of.&nbs ...
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Share Ciao, Fabio Cannavaro
tatata69 2019-10-28 19:15
La Gazzetta dello Sport, which is the biggest newspaper in Italy, has a point when it argues that it would be a mistake for Guangzhou Evergrande to sack its current manager Fabio Cannavaro, in light of the fact that Guangzhou Evergrande remains a point ahead of Shanghai SIPG at the top of the league standings. Moreover, Guangzhou Evergrande's decision to jawbone Fabio Cannavaro into attending an “enterprise culture studies class" sounds like an abysmal decision that you w ...
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Share A Dream
tatata69 2019-10-25 12:53
It's written based on a song and a dream. It's so strange that strange flowers with attractive petals greet me by bowing their heads. The moonlight seeps through the foliage and shimmers on the ground overgrown with weeds and ferns. It's so strange that a pod of birds with siren-like voices greet me by flapping their wings. The wind whizzes through the branches of trees and blows away a filigree of mist obscuring a pathway covered by moss. T ...
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Share Who Killed Sulli or 雪莉?
tatata69 2019-10-20 20:40
Sitting on her bed in her bedroom, Sulli or 雪莉-her Chinese name- curls her lips, knits her brows, and smirks, her eyes glinting angrily. Then she starts smiling at the web camera, with her eyes darting around as if she were looking for something or someone. Sulli's doing a personal live show online, which seems to have become a trend in Asia, where celebs like her and commoners resort to using their web cams to promote stardom and showcase their charms. Sulli's ...
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