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  Let me tell you something about Murdoch and his wife.  

  To my knowledge, Murdoch made no secret that his former wife was born in China when he still had a pash on his former wife ,Wendi Deng, who is said to have been a scheming, tough-as-nails sort willing to stand the gaff and put through the wringer, just like most Chinese girls who were born in hardscrabble families.

  From my perspective, the principle reason why Murdoch chose to tie the knot with Wendi Deng way back had little to do with love; instead, there is a case to be made that it stems from Murdoch's own business interests or his plan to crack the  Chinese  market. 

 Here's what happened to Murdoch and his business operations in China.

   Richard Li, son of the richest man in HK, had already launched a satellite channel called Star TV before Murdoch made a foray into the TV industry in Asia.  To Li's credit, The Star  TV  had become a genuine international channel since its  signals covered most of the Asian nations, of which mainland China was the biggest one in terms of the number of TV viewers.

  Seeing this, Murdoch, who had been striving to set up shop in China, was intrigued, deciding to snap up Star TV. Having done the deal, Murdoch started to build out Star TV's operations by launching more channels with this brand. To wit, it teamed up with MTV and launched a channel called Channel V targeting Chinese music lovers. It launched a sports channel which later merged with ESPN's local sports channel in Asia; it's called ESPN Asia nowadays. And it also launched a movie channel which mainly  airs 21st Century Fox's movies.

 For all the doubts about Murdoch's efforts to crack the Chinese market, Murdoch's  Star TV was off to a good start, with its Chinese channel becoming the most popular one in China, even though then that sounded zany in a nation where foreign TV channels were verboten for political reasons;  foreign channels are still banned now.

  Yet Murdoch's  grand plan to get his foot in the door in China backfired in 1998 after its Chinese channel aired a conflict-ridden show related to Taiwan that drew scorn and ire from the Chinese government, which simply takes offence at foreign TV programs that extol Taiwan and its so-called democracy. Accordingly, China started to crack down on Star TV's channels, demanding that all the local Chinese TV stations refrain from picking up Star TV's signals.

 For Murdoch, that means he was not just forced to scrap his ambitious plan to launch a channel in China, he had no choice but to sell Star TV as well  to a Chinese company whose business operations had been bankrolled by state-owned Chinese banks. Tellingly, it was a flop for the big-picture  Murdoch who had no other alternatives but to retreat from China,  having burned through money in China.

  On the other hand, it may have been a good option for Murdoch, considering that his investment in India struck gold later on and his Indian channels started turning a profit, becoming  a money-gushing machine for Murdoch. Sated, Murdoch decided to step up his  investment in India, whilst giving the Chinese  TV market a wide berth.  Yet that doesn't mean Murdoch doesn't want to get a foothold in China, particularly his marquee  production company the 20th Century Fox film studio, which is said to have teamed up with some Chinese production companies to produce flicks that meet the demands of Chinese movie-goers.

  Altogether, Murdoch's marriage with Wendi Deng can be seen as part of his plan to ingratiate with the powers that be in China. Which means he thought his Chinese wife would help him curry favor with more affluent Chinese business people , thereby  landing  more lucrative business deals in China. To that end, he also cut a deal with CCTV whereby CCTV would air its own English programming in America through the good offices of Murdoch.

  So how is Murdoch or his former Chinese wife doing? Answer: Murdoch is said to be unloading his  TV networks in both Britain and India; Disney and Comcast are believed to be the pumpe-up contenders going a mano a mano with each other in this race.

  His former wife , Wendi Deng, seems to be doing well as well. She still gets pally with the glitterati in China, attending extravagant parities, putting on the ritz  just like other female celebs in China. Better yet, she is said to be dating a stud who's much younger than her.;P

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)




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