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Share Hebe is Wrong
2020-4-27 15:39
Hebe, who's a Taiwanese female singer and member of SHE-which is a girl group-has come under attack after she expressed support for another Taiwanese male singer named Show Lo, who has been berated by his former girlfriend on a Chinese social-media platform for being a Lothario. Show Lo also "stands accused" of seducing his female fans and engaging in sexual activity with many partners at the same time. Writing on her own Weibo, which is China's answer to Twitter or Faceboo ...
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Share Trump is Under the Cosh
2020-3-18 15:06
Having issued a travel ban from the European Union with a view to keeping visitors from Europe at bay, President Trump and his put-upon patsies like Mark Levin are playing the blame game over the the origin of the covid-19 pandemic. For good measure, they seem to be going the extra mile to pin blame on China for trying to blarney and even jawbone most American news outlets into buying into what they call Chinese propaganda. Such moves have provoked a backlash again ...
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Share Who's Right?
2020-3-17 10:27
Emily Tamkin , an American journalist who just joined the New Statesman as its new America editor, lit into president Trump yesterday, calling Trump a slowpoke or ignoramus when it comes to coping with a pandemic. Irked by Trump's lackadaisical attitude and his reluctance to admit that the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious threat facing every American, Emily Tamkin doesn't mince words in her new column, arguing that Trump's patronage network is doing ...
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Share King Bill Gates Takes a Bow
2020-3-14 13:54
"There he is. Bill Gates is coming", a Chinese girl calls out to her friends as other pumped-up Chinese students jostle her and push their way to the security line. Seeing this, Bill Gates, who is coming to China to scout out business opportunities , smiles and waves in their direction, his face gleaming. " Bill Gates, Bill Gates," more and more Chinese students start screaming in unison, behaving like a nutter when someone is listening to psychedelic music. "T ...
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Share Covid-19 Effect
2020-3-8 21:26
It's telling that the global covid-19 outbreak has taken a toll on the world economy. The Purchasing Managers Index in Asia has taken a nosedive; besides, lease rates of the Baltic Dry Index- a measure of shipping costs-are also down by two thirds since early December, according to Jeremy Cliffe's latest column published by the New Statesman, which is an influential publication just like The Economist and The Spectator in the U.K. And there are signs that consumer ...
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Share The Most Admirable CEO, Jack Welch
2020-3-3 13:07
Nobody raised a stink when Fortune magazine named Jack Welch manager of the century in 1999, in light of the fact that GE had become the most admirable company in corporate America. Better yet, CEOs around the world were striving to learn his leadership style and his much-coveted management practices or rules. Welch's rules also gained currency in China after then-CEO of Haier, Zhang Ruimin or 张瑞敏 in Chinese, decided to take a page from Welch's playbook an ...
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Share Chinese Soccer Digs Itself into a Hole
2019-12-27 13:29
Some Chinese sports reporters covering soccer were left slack-jawed yesterday after attending a press conference, at which the head of China's Football Association announced that a Chinese head coach would be chosen to be the next national team manager instead of a foreigner like Lippi, who quit his job in a huff after his team lost out to Syria. China's Football Association also unveiled another plan aimed to resuscitate the moribund Chinese soccer industry, which h ...
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Share An Angel With One Eye
2019-12-9 15:48
"It's time to touch up lipstick before going out," says Chen Xiaoting-陈晓婷 in Chinese-and pads over to the full-length mirror. Having done that, she starts brushing her long hair with her own hands. Clad in a white skirt, a blue plaid shirt, and sneakers, the jovial Chen Xiaoting could easily be confused for a college girl. In fact, she's a teacher teaching history in the elementary school. Some people might say that would be a sought-after job for a young Chinese girl. For 陈晓 ...
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Share Diversity? Don't Overdo It.
2019-12-3 04:53
Diversity is supposed to be good for a company because it provides an opportunity for a company's C-suite to solicit employees' views from different races. On top of that, it also allows women to put new ideas forth as more and more plucky women enter the workforce and become a forced to be reckoned with; a few hard-nosed female execs even have been cheery-picked to preside over the biggest American companies' day-to-day operations. Yet Adrian Woolridge, a well-regarded ...
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Share Say No to That Girl
2019-11-29 14:15
A shanghainese girl, who reportedly posted a picture showing a lacquered table laden with some food, has come under fire for being a snooty person. And this supposedly small case seems to be becoming the talk of the town on social media, say, Weibo, a microblogging site on which Chinese netizens and online kibitzers post pictures and mini-stories concerning their private life. Here is what happened. This girl, claiming to be someone working ...
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        • Hebe is Wrong 2020-4-30 20:04

          By the way, his former girlfriend was born in mainland China.

        • Hebe is Wrong 2020-4-30 19:39

          I'm just embittered by the way snotty Taiwanese celebs treat Show Lo's former girlfriend, who is said to have helped Show Lo build a successful career in mainland China. One of the friends of Show Lo in Taiwan reproved his former girlfriend when asked to make comments on this scandal, saying "she shouldn't have done this because it would scupper Show Lo's chance of making money in mainland China." Jacky Wu, another TV host in Taiwan,  held the same view during an interview, arguing that Show Lo is just a roistering boy who wants to have some fun. And another female lawyer in Taiwan even rubbished Show Lo's former girlfriend, calling her a capricious lover. "A girl shouldn't treat her former boyfriend like this even she has been betrayed," exclaims this female lawyer in Taiwan.

            I don't know what's wrong with their brains. Another irreverent  shrink living in Taiwan even called Show Lo a romantic figure who bonds with lasses, suggesting that he is a sentimental sort like  Byron.

            It's such disgusting for them to chafe at a doughty girl trying to tell the public that her former boyfriend is just another follower of Harvey Weinstein, who used his power to ravish young actresses in America. And it's decidedly absurd for them to claim that people should give Show Lo another chance to appear on mainland TV shows, allowing for the fact that such insolent sorts living in Taiwan don't even respect girls living in mainland.

            In any event, I'd argue that mainland should bar such celebrities from appearing on TV shows in mainland China. We don't need more dandies like Show Lo showing boys and men how to cavort with girls without marrying them. We should exalt the notion that only true love brings happiness instead.

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