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Hebe is Wrong 2020-04-27
  Hebe, who's a Taiwanese female singer and member of SHE-which is a girl group-has come under attack after she expressed support for another Tai ...
(620) readings|(3) comments
Trump is Under the Cosh 2020-03-18
  Having issued a travel ban  from the European Union with a view to keeping visitors from Europe at bay, President Trump and his put-upon ...
(577) readings|(0) comments
Who's Right? 2020-03-17
  Emily Tamkin , an American journalist who just joined the New Statesman as its new America editor, lit into president Trump yesterday,  c ...
(558) readings|(0) comments
King Bill Gates Takes a Bow 2020-03-14
  "There he is. Bill Gates is coming", a Chinese girl calls out to her friends as other pumped-up Chinese students jostle her and push their ...
(619) readings|(0) comments
Covid-19 Effect 2020-03-08
  It's telling that the global covid-19 outbreak has taken a toll on  the world economy.  The Purchasing Managers Index in Asia has ta ...
(700) readings|(0) comments
The Most Admirable CEO, Jack Welch 2020-03-03
  Nobody raised a stink when Fortune magazine named Jack Welch manager of the century in 1999, in light of the fact that GE had become the most ...
(857) readings|(1) comments

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tatata69 2020-4-17 13:25:10
Trump could hire me. I'm also adept at prevaricating.
tatata69 2020-4-17 13:21:10
tatata69 2020-4-16 14:48:03
Haven't made up my mind yet. Who would read an awful online novel  written by a rotten pseud like me?  
tatata69 2020-4-16 14:43:38
I have been thinking about writing a novel in English. . Maybe I could post here.
tatata69 2020-3-21 22:16:15
I wish I could talk to them. It has been nearly a year since the last time I kibitzed with them online. They may have found another playground to futz around.
tatata69 2020-3-21 22:14:05
I miss my old friends.
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