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Report Mishao 2017-12-4 10:03
Lots of Love D!
Report Mishao 2017-8-25 21:27
I responded to seneca's nonsense about the reality of the police, and that answer is currently under review by a censor. I will not be responding to this person in the future-a waste of time, and more trouble than that (V)ery (I)rritating (P)erson is worth.
Report Mishao 2017-8-24 21:14
That was nearly a full generation ago, and it pretty much describes the entire reality these days.
Report Mishao 2017-8-24 21:13
Hunter S Thompson wrote this in 1971-''We've raised a generation of stone desperate cripples. A whole subculture of frightened illiterates with no faith in anything. ....About half the people you meet live from one day to the next in s state of such fear and uncertainty that about half the time they honestly doubt their own sanity. Their boats are rocking so badly that all they want to do is get level long enough to think straight and avoid the next nightmare.''
Report Mishao 2017-8-24 19:33
Beyond friends request, I had five messages and four were moronic, and I responded to one that made a good point.
Report Mishao 2017-8-24 05:44
No luck scanning the survey, Perhaps, you could offer it directly sometime.
Report Mishao 2017-8-13 19:27
Note-intelligent, well-reasoned ciriticism is always welcome. However, much of the traffic ranges from the coarsest stupidity,psuedo-intellectualism, trols of all types and motivations, liers who change the narrative to appear bright, the just plain stupid\ignorant and onto the despicable China haters. I will not respond to any of these people.
Report Mishao 2017-7-22 00:36
What are cedits used for-if anyting.
Report Mishao 2017-1-27 22:31
Can someone let me know what is the purpose of accumulating credits, I have no idea what they are used for in fact.
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