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Report WBD60 2019-5-14 17:39
what Trump is asking from china is too much, he demands that Chinese government gives up its grip on economy, how could that be possible given china's tradition and culture? plus how could these useless eaters numbered in millions make a living if they can no longer interfere with business deals in china? you tell me
Report WBD60 2019-5-14 16:24
in other words , china is either going to play by the rule, or not to play at all. china can not take advantage of the international trade system while at the same time ignoring and violating the rules attached to it. the US can not afford to continue financing a government that is fundamentally hostile to the very values the Americans hold dearly. if china wants to continue practicing its state-run and lawless capitalism in order to keep a gigantic bureaucracy going, it is fine. it has to find some other markets for its products, and to stop using American and other western technologies and financial system. it does not make sense for the US to sponsor a competitor like china anymore.
Report WBD60 2019-5-14 16:23
on per capita basis china is and will remain a dirt poor country for many years to come. there is no need to defeat china you can not defeat a failed country. it is time to set thing straight. china needs to close down those sweatshops and cut down its bureaucracy , getting rid of those useless eaters who have so far contributed nothing to the society. Americans need to wake up , protect their jobs. say no to made in china, the big companies and silicon valley and wall street have to do what they have to do, the people in the US and Canada have to act quickly too.
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      • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-11-15 14:14

        Thanks for sharing you idea here in Chindaily ..
        what you said is happened to me now .. I'm a postgraduate and next year would be my final year at university and i can really get what you said abuot studying in university at China ..

      • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-2-19 15:37

        I remember reading this great blog a year back. Didn't I post a reply? It's not in the Comments list. Anyway: Once again, this opinion piece deserves to be shown to others.

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