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Aftermath of the Journey; The Despair of the Staying Memories and Fading People

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Having been outside my home country for a period that I consider a significantly long time, regarding my age now, I have come to a halt in my perspective of my memories. I have been to a number of places, studied and worked with many people and made countless memories that I consider my dearest treasures. But, now I am asking myself; where does it end? When will the people become something more than a memory to me but a constant part of my journey?

It wouldn’t be incorrect if I said I have many best friends that are all over the world. Being in lots of places within more or less the same period I have made very good friends that I considered my best friend sometime in the past. Then this turned into, he/she was my best very friend at that time/place. But then it hit me today when I was talking with a friend that I really enjoyed her company. She is just a memory. I was looking at her face, examining her cheekbone, looking at the details of her mimics. Then I started imagining how her image in my mind will be altered in the future, her voice, her words... Would they stay the same after 10 years or would they be changed by the conditions of my mind. And no matter how agonizing it is, I knew the answer before the question was ever asked in the first place.

It is maybe the cost of moving, hitting the road over and over again, or maybe just the nature of the life. Either I move, or the other people. Once we are laughing together, talking about the things that matter us most, then after a second they only exist in your mind. Like a book when you read when you were a kid, you kind of remember the plot and characters but not in detail. Those people are somewhere in the matrix, you do know that it is still a possibility to meet them, run across them in somewhere, sometime but this merely happens.

It’s without a doubt that traveling is one of the very few gifts that we can give to ourselves in life. Beginning a journey where you only know the start but you barely have an idea whether where it leads or where it ends. With every person you run across in your long journey you change a bit, gain a bit, learn a bit. But the cost follows. Not being able to keep them.

If I had a chance to keep them, would I? I am pretty damn sure I would even carry them in my pocket if I could. 

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  • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-11-15 14:14

    Thanks for sharing you idea here in Chindaily ..
    what you said is happened to me now .. I'm a postgraduate and next year would be my final year at university and i can really get what you said abuot studying in university at China ..

  • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-2-19 15:37

    I remember reading this great blog a year back. Didn't I post a reply? It's not in the Comments list. Anyway: Once again, this opinion piece deserves to be shown to others.

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