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Share Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China
2017-1-26 15:40
After three years full of excitement, fun and mind blowing experiences I finally decided that I cannot stay and study in China anymore. It was nice and all. But when it comes to building your future, staying in China to do a Doctoral Study is not a good option. Actually I have finished my master degree in China, and before moving to China my main objective was becoming an expert on East Asian politics with a focus on China. I still have the same objective. But ironically, I don’ ...
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      • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-11-15 14:14

        Thanks for sharing you idea here in Chindaily ..
        what you said is happened to me now .. I'm a postgraduate and next year would be my final year at university and i can really get what you said abuot studying in university at China ..

      • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-2-19 15:37

        I remember reading this great blog a year back. Didn't I post a reply? It's not in the Comments list. Anyway: Once again, this opinion piece deserves to be shown to others.

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