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Share Aftermath of the Journey; The Despair of the Staying Memories and Fading People
2017-5-3 21:38
Having been outside my home country for a period that I consider a significantly long time, regarding my age now, I have come to a halt in my perspective of my memories. I have been to a number of places, studied and worked with many people and made countless memories that I consider my dearest treasures. But, now I am asking myself; where does it end? When will the people become something more than a memory to me but a constant part of my journey? It wouldn’t be incorrect ...
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Share Cultural Heritages in 21st Century: A Human Zoo for Tourists’ Entertainment
2017-2-21 11:43
Last year during the Spring Festival two friends of mine and I decided to make a short trip to India for 10 days. Since we were on a budget we couldn’t travel thoroughly in all country and planned to limit our visits to New Delhi, Agra, State of Goa and Mumbai. Likewise it was pretty much apparent for us to conduct our travels in cheapest means and spare our money whenever we could. And actually when we arrived in India, everything went a ...
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Share “Where is China?”: An Unnecessary Question to a Bright Future(!)
2016-11-11 08:46
“Where is China?” I heard this question a few years earlier when I was taking the mandatory Mandarin classes provided by the university. The teacher had hanged on a political map of Asia on blackboard and she was teaching the country names, all of a sudden a girl about 18 – 19 years old had asked “Excuse me, where is China?”. Only in matter of seconds everyone was looking at her while half of the students w ...
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      • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-11-15 14:14

        Thanks for sharing you idea here in Chindaily ..
        what you said is happened to me now .. I'm a postgraduate and next year would be my final year at university and i can really get what you said abuot studying in university at China ..

      • Why I Cannot Continue Studying in China 2018-2-19 15:37

        I remember reading this great blog a year back. Didn't I post a reply? It's not in the Comments list. Anyway: Once again, this opinion piece deserves to be shown to others.

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