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Share My cute,funny and lovely baby
2016-9-29 09:49
My cute,funny and lovely baby
Now I have been working for three weeks since giving birth to my baby boy.When he was 13 months old,I thought that he was old enough to wean and be taken care of by his grandmaor grandpa.At the same time,I and my husband had an economic crisis,withhim being out of work for one and half years and me for 2 years because of being preganant,giving birth and babysitting.Most importantly,my husband is persisitent and stubborn man.He has a clear understanding about what he wants to do and ...
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Share my personal viewpoint about trump-hillary debate.
2016-9-28 09:23
my personal viewpoint about trump-hillary debate.
My view maybe just on the surface.But I want to express some interesting tips.Overally,I think hillary clinton's performance is a little better than Trump Donald,perhaps dueto her political life and government experience while Donald Trump is more of a businessman.Here are some points that I observed during the watch of the debate last night: first, I like hillary'dress,with a deep-red suit making her beautiful and spiritful,fitting her body contour perfectly. Thenof co ...
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  • my personal viewpoint about trump-hillary debate. 2016-10-3 12:58

    sorry but I don't think their appearance should have any influence on how we think of them. It should be about ability to do the job.

    As for the two of them, I don't think either of them are capable of doing this job. Sad times for america

  • My cute,funny and lovely baby 2016-9-29 14:12

    SEARU: "I and my husband....."?    OR  
    My husband and I...?
    I am confused about which one should be put in the first place too.Maybe "My husband and I" in order to express being modest just like Chinese dialogues.

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