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Short-term Interest vs. Long-term Interest

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He who laughs last laughs best. Short-term interest and long-term interest are both sides of a contradiction. More often than not, long-term interest is undermined while short-term interest is pursued, vice versa. For example, why do we need to hurry our children into finishing homework? Someone treats this conduct as misfortune to the kids. For the first time when a child is old enough to be sent to kindergarten, what should parents do to the one with tears in the eyes unwilling to leave them?  There are two options. The parents who cannot bear it may take their kid home. The other option is to leave their child with resolution.  I reckon most of them would choose the latter, since it benefits the kids by making them less dependent. Such deed is the same to the birds’ when their offspring learned how to fly. By pushing the timid ones off tree, the young birds could acquire the skill sooner.  Considering these conducts, they all follow one principle, i.e., abandoning short-term interest for long-term interest. As long-term interest can subdue short-term interest, and will always bring brighter outcome, long-term interest which prevails in the end is the major side of the contradiction. 

If so, could we reverse it? Yes, and there are numerous cases. Such as taking drugs, it is the extreme example for pursuing short-term interest, as it can bring mightiest pleasure in a blink. Others, like robbery, theft and fraud, are the same. What’s the result then?  First, drug-takers get addicted to what they take, making them either go bankrupt, or lose their lives. Second, for those who rob, steal, cheat, the wrong-doing would be on their minds everyday, and finally lock themselves in prison. These deeds, which prioritize short-term interest, are resented by most of the people. They are seen as a rat running across the street, every person disgusted by it on the scene wants the rat to be punished.    

Humans are rational, so that humanity can be carried forward despite obstacles and crises. What is pursued has never been short-term interest, but the opposite. Whoever covets short-term interest, would stain the picture of human civilization, and be condemned. Whether it is for the personal interest, corporate interest or a national policy, the rule never changed. We hope whoever involved must conduct themselves with ration, constraint and all-round analyses, to prevent disastrous decisions that would harm themselves and the development of humanity, and that end up being written into history with contempt.   Village, is the world in an era that information spreads around the globe within less than a second. Therefore, we humans should struggle for a better humanity, see to it that civilization rises to a new height, and build a world of shared future for mankind!  

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