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At about half past six, the time during which I draw back the curtains, sunlight suddenly pours into the room, bright and warm, making me realize the spring just comes in no time. Bathing in such sunlight, especially right after the bleak winter, feels like charging energy for each and every cell of the body. It seems that I am rejuvenated. 


Later on the street, snow has thawed, which brings back the long-forgotten look of the road. Grey and concrete, it gives strong grip to each one’s footstep. In the morning rush hour, I walk slowly at one time and trot at another towards the metro station. Far-flung but shiny, the sun sits on the eastern side of the azure sky. A glance at it can make one feel light-hearted, as well as melting away their sorrow. The air is cool but clean, ready for each deep and pleasant breath. Trees stand along either side of the road, straight and still, as if they were guarding the well-being of the pedestrians. Grey-looking though they are, green will soon be their main color. New twigs and leaves are about to sprout out. It is such a perfect March morning for everyone living in the northeastern China.


In fact, it is a bit gloomy to say such weather has become rare. By setting economy development as the main priority, we had overlooked the importance of the environment. Those days that were long taken for granted must re-emerge themselves gradually and as quickly as possible. For good weather, we are waging a war against greenhouse and pollution by streamlining heavy industries, by cutting off overcapacity and by other effective measures. We must win it, and win it well. The task is, of course, not achievable within a few days or months, neither can it be done by sheer talk or by beating drums and clanging the gong. On the contrary, It will need toil and sweat, or even blood and tears in the years to come. 


That’s true: clear water and green mountains are invaluable assets.  Every piece of the land must be, therefore, well-kept and undamaged before it is passed on to our next generation and the generation beyond. I hope it will be common for all of them to enjoy the same as I did today or even more attractive scenery. 


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  • Time 2018-4-10 19:32

    we hold same point about time

  • How to Promote Chinese Culture 2017-11-6 13:25

    AndrewHLi: agreed
    You agree with him? Think again.
    Places where winter was extremely cold simply could not be settled by people subsisting on sowing and planting.

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