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Xi attends APEC and makes an address

By facing the future cooperation, work together to draw a great picture

  During the 24th APEC in Lima, Peru, Nov. 20, President Xi Jinping made an address on moving forward in the future and deepening Aisan-Pacific cooperation, which is on deepening relationship between members, opening market for win-win partnership, fostering prosperity, keeping on moving forward and creating a bright future for APEC.

  Before the session, Xi and other leaders received the welcome from Peru’s president.

  The session started at 10:15 am, presented by Peru’s president. This time, the theme of the APEC is “high quality growth and human development”. All participants exchanged ideas aound topics such as :”the challenge of nowaday’s free trade and investment”,”food security,climate change and aquire water resource” and “ integration of Asian-Pacific area: bring about effective and true connection and interaction.”

Xi pointed out during the speech” the blueprint formed by leaders who attended the G20 Summit in Hangzhou September, draws a strong, sustainable, balanced, inclusive world economy, displaying the spirit of partnership ready for challenges and the resolve of common development.  The Asian-Pacific region is an important field for world economy. APEC plays a significant role as a leader, guider as well as explorer in the region due to the huge influence on the region’s economy and world’s economy.  When facing new challenges in a new situation, we need to apply for strong mesures, to exert the power of the Asian-Pacific engine and to push forward for a new creative, robust, interactive and inclusive world economy.

Xi stressed, “We are dedicated to leading the economic globalization in a direction that everyone can enjoy the benefit, and against any form of protectionism. We are stick to promoting the open economy and support multilateral trading system wishing to set up a free trade zone earlier.”

Xi said: “over the 25 years since joining the APEC, China always put its opening in Asian-Pacific region as a priority. As the Bogor Goals in 2020 is close, we should hurry to plan a longer view for cooperation. China is willing to work with all parties on the development of the Asian-Pacific cooperation.

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