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Analysis of the sixth plenary session of CPC Cental Committee


Perfect “four-pronged” party governance


Over the third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the eighteenth CPC Central Committee, research projects have focused respectively on expanded in-depth reform, comprehensive framework for promoting the rule of law and completing the process of building a moderately well-off society in all aspects. Therefore, this session for research party governance is subject to an overall layout of “four-pronged” strategy arrangement by the central government.


Strenghthen inner party regulations in accordance with theory and past practice


One important experience, throughout the history of perfecting our party, is summarizing past successful practice, and combining it with innovations which suit new circumstances and requirements.


During the process of drawing two drafts, it was also a process of deep summarizing these theories and practices, in order to forging a system which solidifies inner party regulations.


Follow the party constitution and refine its “rules”


Party constitution is the first regulation, which is the guidance and basis for running a party and all members within the party. The drawing of the two drafts also sticted to this principle, in the meanwhile they aim to define the rules on a more specific basis.


Adhere to problem-oriented rules; draw a clear “red line”


Dozens of outstanding controductions and issues, which need to be solved urgently, severely damaged the political ecology of the party, Xi pointed out dicrectly as giving report.


These promblems, to their core, are caused by some party members’s violation or negligence of the regulations that are basic rules that have gradually been established by our party over a long period of practicing, the cause of which is mainly due to the lack of supervision and lack of personal responsibility.


The regulations made by the two drafts are facing directly to the existed problems, in order to creating a fair and clean political atmosphere. Xi stressed, the party’s workstyle is the image of the party and the barometer which indicates the relationship of the general public and the party members, as well as public attitudes towards the party. Had the party have a fair and clean workstyle, people would be happy. Consequently, the party and the people would go through thick and thin together.


Highlight the “key minority”; conduct pressure layer by layer


Regulations and guidelines both stress the importance of high-ranking offials. Modeling by the top so as to learning from by the low ranks and managing the “key minority” is an important ideology in Xi’s rule. Xi often says, “had not been fair and clean by one, how he or she can lead others?” and “to strick the iron, one him or her self has to be strong.”


Meanwhile, for special regualtions to high-ranking officials, the drafts deliver a clear signal as well. It suggests that neither the power nor the party members have special rights to stay out of supervision. On that point, Xi has made reiterated stress.


The two drafts, carrying the same duty, is to perfect the arrangement for “regulations rule the party”. One defines the guidelines on inner party political life, which the oher regulates the detailed rules of inner party supervision. Like the wheels of a vehicle, the drafts will drive the strict governance on a “never-ending” road.

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