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Taking the new long march, Xi stressed an over-all strict administration on the Party


General Secretary Xi Jinping said, on the 80th anniversary of long march of the red army, that to carry forward the spirit of long march and take a new long march, it is necessary to strengthen the leadership of the party and administrate the party on an over-all strict basis. One the eve of the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC central Committee, Xi connected the spirit of the long march with the building of the party, again emphising the deep meaning of over-all strict management of the party.


Mao Zedong had said:” who can lead victory to the long march? It is the Communist Party. Without the Communist Party, the long march is unimaginable.


When we talked about the Red Army’s long march, we were talking about the Communist Party.

The long march is a leap for the Communist Party in its mentality, organisation and spirit to maturity, as well as a deep influence on the construction of the Party.


“To run things in China, the key is in the Party.” Xi often said.


80 years ago, the earth-shaking and impressive epic composed by the Red Army, embodied the ideals and beliefs under the leadership of the Party.


Xi pointed out that the victory of the long march enlightens us that the leadership of the Party is the fundamental guarantee of the success of people’s good cause.


In retrospect, at each crucial moment of life and death, the Communist Party of China exhibited powerful ability to reverse adversity.


To realise the “double centenary” goal and the dream of Chinese nation’s rejuvenation and propel the cunstruction of the Party, is to perfect the leadership of the Party keeping its pruity and progressiveness under new circumstances.


Mao Zedong had said:” The reason why the Red Army is strong is because soldiers that joined in the army have disciplines consciously. ”


A strict descipline and good work style is the fundamental requirement for the party during the new period.

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