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Share F. E. A. R.
Rizwanqamer 2016-9-28 05:35
Does it ever happen to you that you lack courage to go into certain situations, scenarios, or occasions? For example public speaking, a job interview, meeting somebody for the first time, may be first date? Or, you happened to see someone youwere reallyattracted to, but during the meeting your heart and pulse ratewent berserk? your voice seemed coming from far away and your palms sweat? Some fears are good fearsbecause they alert usand prepare us to take ne ...
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Share Habits.
Rizwanqamer 2016-9-27 10:31
Our habits make us, or they break us. Now it depends upon us whether we adopt constructive habits or vice versa. Our everyday choices define us. Our success depends on those small, little bit things that we do in our daily routine. Habits also become our nature if we practice them regularly for an extensive period of time. Someone who has a habit of getting up early morning with the birds and go out in the open, run, sweat, and breathe fresh air will always feel uncomfortable when one da ...
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Share A Journey of Self-Discovery.
Rizwanqamer 2016-9-26 15:54
It's true that we can't grow to our full potential until we hear that inner voice closely which tells us who we are and whatwe're supposed to do in life. It takes time, sometimes decades to notice that call from the deep inside. There are other outside,loud voices that distract us from listening to That call from the deep- soul. The society and our upbringing, schooling, religion, parents and family and there're lots of outside influences that push us to establish a particular mindset sin ...
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Share Inspiration, positivity, motivation...What's the source?
Rizwanqamer 2016-9-25 20:54
You! It's not out there. The power lies within you, within me, it's inside all of us if we tap into that. You can't lose until you accept failure. This discomfort and unease that you feel IS in fact the source of inspiration. When our inside call says 'I can do even better', 'My present does not define my reality, the best is yet to come.' No matter slow, or fast, you're moving to a direction that you've decided to move to. In the end you're the person answerable to you. This time, your ...
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Share Empowering Thoughts.
Rizwanqamer 2016-9-23 20:39
Each one of us is going through some kind of challenge. There are physical challenges, mental issues, financial set backs, relationships gone bad, perhaps that job we've taken thatsucks but we do it anyway to pay the bills and kids education, sometimesthose toxicpeople who drain us mentally, fear of the unknown,or may be theforth-coming exam which keeps us awake at night and so on. The future thoughts, the regrets from the past, the words someone said which hurt us ...
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Share China welcomes All.
Rizwanqamer 2016-9-23 13:41
I'm an English language instructor, a motivator and a writer. Although, I come from a country where English is not spoken as the first language yet I learnt English with passion and improved my communicative skills, accent, intonationand style over the period of four decades. I've read a lot about discrimination in China regarding the color of the skin, nationality etc. when it comes to hunting an English teaching job in China. I wish to express my personal experience of acquiring ...
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