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Our habits make us, or they break us. Now it depends upon us whether we adopt constructive habits or vice versa. Our everyday choices define us. Our success depends on those small, little bit things that we do in our daily routine. Habits also become our nature if we practice them regularly for an extensive period of time. Someone who has a habit of getting up early morning with the birds and go out in the open, run, sweat, and breathe fresh air will always feel uncomfortable when one day he’s unable to follow his ritual because it has become his nature to get up with the sun. Similarly, another individual who has a habit to light up a smoke as soon as he gets up will be upset when he’s unable to find a cigarette one morning, or decides on quitting nicotine.

Replacing a bad habit with a good one is like bringing in a revolution in life. I remember when I took up writing journal.  I had to wake up pretty early to write, and leaving bed that early felt like getting out of a grave in the early hours but I was committed to do that. I realized that everything affects every other thing.  I had to sleep early to get up early. That further got me to go for a run after I finished my one page of writing, which ultimately made me quit smoking because I could not run if I smoked.

You don’t have to be too harsh on you in the start. Take up small, doable tasks and stick to them. Be consistent. One small change leads to more changes.  Just cut down on bad rituals. Checking on facebook or other social hang outs time and again, wastes lots of time and energy. It’s also a kind of addiction.

People who we meet also affect us in a great way. Habits and thoughts are exchanged with the kind of people we choose to be friends with. What am I becoming by meeting them? Ask this to yourself and choose wisely. Being a teacher and a mentor, I always advise my students to meet the people who inspire them, empower them and encourage them in their pursuits of life.

You don’t want to be an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, making ordinary money. You’ve got extraordinary potential if you tap into your talent. In order to become an extraordinary, you’ve got to do extraordinary things, the things that others don’t do. You’ve got to leave your comfort zone to go beyond where others dread to go. Live a purposeful life. Do something that gives your life a meaning.

Love and Peace!

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