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A Journey of Self-Discovery.

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It's true that we can't grow to our full potential until we hear that inner voice closely which tells us who we are and what we're supposed to do in life. It takes time, sometimes decades to notice that call from the deep inside. There are other outside,loud voices that distract us from listening to That call from the deep- soul. The society and our upbringing, schooling, religion, parents and family and there're lots of outside influences that push us to establish a particular mindset since the time we're born until we get to the age of reasoning. Most of us are similar to what we are exposed to, the environment, norms that a culture sets forth for us to be followed. Going to school, study a few subjects, take exam, achieve high grades, or low grades, getting a job, 9 to 5 drill, coming back home tired after a long day's work which we don't really like but it pays the bills. 5 days a week, and a weekend which passes so fast, And again Monday. Repeat.
Most of us live a life as if it's a race, a chase for something which we don't know our self.
We've got to take a break sometimes and ask a few important questions in alone time. Why am I doing what I am doing? Am I living a life or the life's living me, wasting me in making me do the things which do not really put a smile on my face? Am I practicing my passion as my profession. or I'm making someone else's dream come true? Am I living amongst the people who empower me or drain me mentally and physically? Am I becoming the best version of myself or just living A day in, day out ritual? Am I living in a body which keeps my soul alive or there're things to be considered? What about my love-life, and sex life? Does thinking of them gives me that euphoric, pleasure feelings or I meet them because I have to. Think about where you stand in life from scale 1 to 10. Health, wealth, relationships, and all those aspects which put up on the highest level of you self fulfillment, closer to your mental picture that you've set for yourself.
Go slow, but keep going. Brick by brick, piece by piece, one step at a time. What can I do Today to move closer to myself? Ask this question everyday, and do it. It's a journey of self-construction. You're the brick-layer, an architect of your dream. You can do it, with persistence, courage, and discipline. Have faith in you.
Love and Peace!

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thanks for sharing your ideas here, we have recommend your blog to the homepage.

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