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Inspiration, positivity, motivation...What's the source?

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It's not out there. The power lies within you, within me, it's inside all of us if we tap into that. You can't lose until you accept failure. This discomfort and unease that you feel IS in fact  the source of inspiration. When our inside call says 'I can do even better', 'My present does not define my reality, the best is yet to come.' No matter slow, or fast, you're moving to a direction that you've decided to move to. In the end you're the person answerable to you. This time, your present moment, Now, is The time you've got because tomorrow is never promised. Time does not wait, people do not show up, promises are broken, jobs, places, relationships, feelings, everything Change. Change is the only permanent phenomenon. Change toward a better you. It occurs when you change, you learn, when you overcome your inner demons that you've been nurturing since long which are holding you back, stopping you from becoming what you already are. Life is self-knowing, like a solo-flight, and not an auto-pilot. Every wrong turn, bad decision teach us not to repeat that mistake.
You are competing only with you and not with others. Life is not a race, but a journey worth enjoying, experiencing, failing, succeeding, growing, falling down, getting up and keep moving again, again and again. You possess hundreds of things that money can't buy. That's richness. Think about people, those unfortunate ones who got killed  a terrorists attacks, accidents, or those got swallowed by disease, or natural disasters on this earth.
Life has so much to offer if we are ready to receive. How to be ready to receive more? By giving more of what we desire to have. Anything you give will come back. A smile brings a smile back. Love brings more love. Charity brings abundance of money to the ones who do it. It's about giving without worrying about taking.
Love and Peace!

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