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CHINA: An Incredible Journey

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Peregrination has been an integral part to satiate the amusement and scintillate the refreshment of mind providing an ultimate beatitude. Human nature is itinerant aboriginally and keeps ferreting out something new to explore. China, the land of odyssey, has been a center of attraction to the world’s tourists, intellectuals, students and other erudite professionals due to its diversified cultural values, plethora of Chinese cuisines infused with savor, amiable hospitality, devised infrastructure, foolproof security system, satisfactory education and still counting. These aforementioned stimuli kicked off my adventure to China, an inception of implementing my imagination. 

Shanghai, a coastal metropolitan, has been receptive to the foreigners on egalitarianism basis, welcoming all the foreigners despite their ethnicity and nationality. It was an honour that I landed in Shanghai and was picked up by one of my reliable Chinese friend. I have seen the beauties of historical places, modern masterpieces and natural sites under all the pleasant seasons of China. Shanghai is crowded but it has a charm especially the nights are sparkling with splendid lit buildings and the night view of the famous Oriental tower is completely flabbergasted, situated at the bank of Bund River.    

The food streets remain scented with delicious and mouthwatering food and many international cuisines can be easily found. All the international brands are easily available placed in gigantic shopping malls. Overall, Shanghai is a place where you can find tranquility, affection and amusement.

My second destination in China was Nanjing, a city famous for its historical background and natural places. My enthusiasm related to the historical and natural sites was gratified by attractive and splendid tourist scenic points including Nanjing museum, Confucius temple, Nanjing library, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Xuanwu Lake, Chaotian Palace, Purple Mountain, Jinghai temple and xiamafang park are a few salient tourists’ attractions amongst many, catering the attention exquisitely. I feel lucky as I got an opportunity to do research in Nanjing University and since then I am cashing the precious moments of my life and encouraging my acquaintances to visit China especially Shanghai and Nanjing.   

Gregariousness is deeply rooted in human nature and it can be easily grown up in China due to its amiable ambience as the Chinese people are friendly and polite. I have joined some social clubs and “Nanjing Guitar group” is one of them because I love to play guitar, visiting dancing squares to share the happiness with the people, sometimes dining out with my friends, karaoke to have fun, stepping into the beautifully designed shopping malls, joyful gaming zones and feel like home when Chinese festivals transpire, for instance, Mid-autumn festival and Spring festival, are celebrated with a reflection of Chinese culture and civilization.  

In summing up my experience being in China, it’s been an astonishing time so far to be acquainted with all the marvelous places, delicious food and generous people. These are certainly the golden memories of my life which I want to share at any platform. The tourism industry in China has been disseminated with innovation and it has set a benchmark for the countries who want to promote their tourism and culture. I recommend graciously the people who want to travel around the world must visit China, a land which is full of curiosities.

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Khurram Raza

Shanghai: A scintillating nightfall ...

A beautiful withered maple leaf

A walk to remember on a pathway

View of nature through my eyes

Chords of Nanjing

Mesmerizing snowfall in Nanjing

Nanjing museum where the history is still alive

Relaxing in a park linked with Nanjing wall

Xuanwu lake where the sun never sets

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Reply Report Danishraza92 2016-9-16 19:08
I would love and explore China, really lost in that world because auther has described it wonderfully.
Reply Report Sakura2016 2016-9-19 22:39
I am from South America and loved your blog about China, made me feel like i was there. Surely I will be visiting this beautiful country soon :)...
Reply Report Funny-boy 2016-9-28 08:51
Thanks for your admiration.
Reply Report windphp 2017-3-4 20:45
welcome to nanjing, my friend.

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    All young people growing up yearn to be independent. It takes time to truly grow up.

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