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How are you friends ?

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It's been a while since I stopped writing blogs here , and a lot of things happened since I left . I am back to blogging and will read your awesome articles too .

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Reply Report sharoncuizz 2018-1-24 12:48
Welcome back! I was away for a long time too and now I'm back. :)

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  • How are you friends ? 2018-1-24 12:48

    Welcome back! I was away for a long time too and now I'm back. :)

  • Life Is Just An Experience ! 2018-1-23 20:36

    If you have the wealth to have anything you want then at some stage it will be only ethics or morality that prevents you from doing certain things and that is not going to sit well with you is it? How dare ethics and morality stand in the way of your pursuit of potential happiness right? Libertarians and so-called 'satanists' like to use the excuse that they pursue only happiness that does not hurt others but only a liar would claim that libertarianism doesn't hurt people. But beyond that nonsense the capitalist 'elite' do not worry about hurting people. They would drop a bomb on you for fun and not think twice about it if there is gain or profit in it for them. They actually hate the simple masses - its beyond notncaring. Capitalism is large scale group rape of another group and rapnis what they are into - even better they like to rape to the death. So for these people they think - how dare a government tell me what I cannot do - I can do whatever I like and who can stop me? God? Ha. There is no God and I can do as much evil as I can get away with on this earth and there will he no burning in hell for eternity for me even if I do deserve it. And that's why elites do things like have snuff parties. And blood orgies. Human sacrifice and all that kind if thing.

    But what difference does it really make if there is no God? God or not there is still good and evil. I think most of them are probably good deep down - they are just in need of spiritual guidance.

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