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Share My view about traveling
2016-5-4 16:57
My view about traveling
Why do we travel? I am sure it’s not a strange question. Apart from traveling on business, anyone who spend the holiday to travel have purposes that we can see more about the world, broaden our horizon in any aspect imaginable, and above all, to improve our inner selves. So there are many people who will take the chance of any holidays they have to travel, near or far, regardless of the heavy traffic and huge tourist volume. And they will end up with weary bodies and lots of wonderful ...
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Share Transcendence(超验骇客) ---The movie I like
2016-4-17 21:55
I am not a fan of movie but I will see one or two once in a while. Thanks to the convenience brought by the internet, we can easily access to various kinds of movies. However, varieties don’t mean that you will get different nutrition from the movies. It is true that some movies are not worth watching. Some the stories are too plain and boring. Most of them usually harp on the same string which you can see in most of the Korean soap operas. I don’t have any bias about these kinds of m ...
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Share How do you show your kindness?
2016-4-15 21:35
When talking about setting the captive animals free most people may associate it with the kindness activity of Buddhism. As we all known, Buddhism advocate the spirit of kindness and free the captive animals is one of them. Buddhism is popular in the small town where I am living. Especially in some special days I can see many people standing in a circle and reading some sacred scripture of Buddhism. They are reading the scripture for the captive animals which they will free later on. It ...
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Share Certain distance between friends
2016-3-31 10:37
Have you ever felt bored and annoyed of someone? Idon’t mean the people we dislike. The people Irefer to are ironically, the people who you were once quite contend with and maybe your confidant. Then why do you suddenly feel tired and want to get away from him or her at the time being? This is the problem which have been bothering my friend these days. She felt sorry and guilty both for her friend and herself. She said she didn’t mean to be unfriendly and never thought of breakin ...
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Share About the old things
2016-3-17 09:40
I lovecleaningupmyroomandmakemyroomcleanandtidy. H owever, I seldomthrowoldthingsawaycasual l y. M aybe I amanemotionalandnostalgicperson. S otheoldthingswillsuddenlyshowasenseoflifewhentheyarefacingthesituation&n ...
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Share Be brave and strong in 2016!
2016-2-10 17:37
Today is the 3rd day of the lunar new year. So lucky that I can have a break for a little while after so many days busy preparing for the new year. Although I have tried my best to enjoy the New Year, say to call out the innocent child in my heart, I still can’t help feeling the disappointment due to all the trifles. You can never have a simple New Year once you grow up. I am sure this can cause a resonance in many young people’s hearts. Many young people returning home for the New Ye ...
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Share Monkey King forever!
2016-2-4 21:33
There is one legendary monkey in Chinese literature, who is also well-known and has taken a special place in the hearts of the post 80s. It is Monkey King in the famous work Journey to the West. As it is the year of monkey in Chinese traditional lunar New Year, it is a no brainer for many Chinese people to think that the actor Zhang Jinlai who starred Monkey King in the famous TV series Journey to the West will definitely show up in the all-important spring ...
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Share What I have learnt from 2015
2016-1-31 16:44
Scrolling through the blogs I wrote last year I can’t help feeling that life is not easy for me anyway. Although I have made a new year resolution at the beginning of 2015 and everything were expected to be full of hope and expectation, some of the days I have been through the whole year were really unexpected and once again I realize that life had no mercy for any its positive believers. It never feels guilty for shattering its believers’ dreams and it takes no notice of all your pra ...
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Share What makes a good husband?
2016-1-7 14:30
What makes a good husband? It is a controversial topic. A colleague of mine once said a good husband should be someone who was able to earn big money while I thought a good husband should be someone who was responsible to his family no matter how much he could earn. Money is not everything after all. A family without love and responsibility can never exist. And every time I recall the day when I introduced my husband to my mother for the first time I can’t help joking and reminding my ...
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Share fulfill our life
2015-12-29 18:07
Though living and working in the small town here I don’t lost touch with some of my friends who have been working in the big cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen since we graduated from university. Some of them have done a good job and probabely have already on their way to personal success. Things were not easy at the beginning though. Because they all started from scratch without gainning any finacial support or social relationship help from their friends and family. As a green graduate f ...
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  • Unconditional love 2017-2-14 14:42

    Love is the same for all humankind. It is shown differently in all cultures.

  • The woman in the neighborhood 2017-2-14 14:41

    Most Chinese women do not know what love actually is until after they have had experienced that from other men. This is a serious problem in most places. Perhaps, women could organize some social exchanges to allow them to understand their real needs.

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